Monday, October 8, 2018

Buggy weekend round up

Good Monday morning everyone.

It's been an interesting weekend.  In addition to it being 90 degrees all weekend, I'm pretty sure I picked up a stomach bug at the chiro's office or the grocery store right after which I'm on the tail end of.  There's nothing quite like eating something then having 3 2/3 seconds to run upstairs to excavate to put it daintily.  On the plus side, no yarfing was involved for which I am eternally grateful though some nausea did settle in a bit.  We went to a craft show on Saturday morning and my God can we please be done with the farmhouse crap?  I used to like it, but now it's all any vendor sells at those things.  I know I'm probably in the minority and feel very Charlie Brownish for this, but they're taking things like true, beautiful emotions of feeling grateful, thankful and blessed and mass marketing it for commercialism.

To prove the point, when we were out Sunday, we saw this, and the irony was not lost on us:

I wanted to take them up to the manager and say "please tell me the ridiculousness of this isn't lost on you."  I've looked at that a lot lately and thought about making a sign but never did I even entertain the idea of buying it but apparently, three people already have.  *rolling eyes*

We've been making our way through all of the horror movies we own because last year we watched like two and that was sad.  So we've made our way through some stinker classics.  We forgot how bad Halloween is for 75% of the movie.  We said if we watch it next year, we'll just turn it on for the last 20 minutes.  We watched three of the Friday the 13ths.  I watched Teen Witch and fast forwarded through the cringy parts (anything with her brother or the teacher) and blushed when I saw just how much tongue Dan Gauthier used during the kissing scene.  I'm no prude but holy crap dude, she just came from the dentist, tongue to yourself.  Last night was Waxwork which was always one of my faves because I loved Debbie Foreman.  Remember her from the 80's makeup ads?

(via Pinterest)

I wanted to be her.  Then the hot vampire was in the movie too, and even though he was not the sharpest stake in the Peter Vincent Vampire Killer Kit, he was incredibly delectable to look at.  It was a pretty original movie and had a wonderful kitsch factor which I still appreciate.

We went to visit grandma, and I planted crocus bulbs behind her headstone.  There are no rules specifically saying you can't plant anything there and I figure they come up so early that they'll be dead by the time they start mowing grass.  We did a produce refuel, I warmed up grandma's noodles for dinner, and that was that.

How was your weekend?

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  1. My weekend was pretty great. The boy and I took a drive up to the mountains to see the leaves changing. It's not as spectacular as some places, all we really have are oak and aspen, but it was beautiful. We stopped at the resort where we go cabin camping every summer and while driving around the lake we got up close and personal with some deer. A night out of town, and a trip to a local history museum and then home. It was so nice to get out of town even if only for a day.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you planted crocus bulbs for your grandma. Just think of how pretty those will look at the beginning of spring for her. Sorry about your nasty bug. Ugh, what an awful thing to go through. I hope it's gone for you by today.

    Weekend was pretty good. I did my typical stuff, then we went to dinner Saturday night, which was nice. Yesterday I worked for about an hour in the office going through stuff and ran across a huge bag of pictures that I'd been putting off going through. Boy, that was draining. Most of them got thrown out, and now I have a stack left I need to figure out where to put. LOL I got burned out pretty quickly with all that, plus more papers that I need, but again, don't quite know what to do with, so I said an hour was enough. It was a start and my brain was overstimulated by too much stuff, so I called it a day. Today is going to be warm and humid, so I decided I'm going to go out to see my uncle today for lunch. I need to run an errand before I do, so I'll bring the pooches with me. I decided to go today instead of next week because I have tomorrow off and thought I'd take advantage of having that extra day to putter around. Still feel like I'm going to get a work call though, so I feel ridiculously anxious about that-- so dumb. =o)

  3. The weekend was good. We bought pumpkins for carving later on Friday. On Saturday we took a nice long walk along the shore and into the woods, picked some apples, visited some elderly friends, and then spent the night at the family cabin. We tried for a hike on Sunday but got rained out 15 minutes into it. And Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving, so we had turkey with all the trimmings at lunch with my mother and the same at supper with my partner's sister and her extended family. Overall it was a really good long weekend.


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