Thursday, October 4, 2018

Wednesday Recap on Friday Eve

Good Friday eve to you all!

Yesterday was a pretty good day on the productivity front.  I got a lot of online work done and hoping to come up with a decent game plan for next week because I want to get a serious cushion rolling for myself.  Work/life balance is a real struggle for me and a lot of it due to just not planning the way I should.  Anyone else feel me or am I the only one hopelessly unorganized?

I decided not to walk yesterday morning because my legs were friggin' toast the night before.  We both said it would have to be an upper body for yesterday's workout and I decided the gams needed a rest even if it was from a not so strenuous walk.  I think I typically underestimate how important recovery time is because I feel like if I'm not going full steam all the time on the exercise front (as much as this bod allows) then I'm a failure.  I've been making ginger tea this past week.  Like full on ginger tea of cut ginger and water.  I read some article about a woman who became a regular pooper the first week of doing ginger shots.  I'm only a few days into it so I can't yet speak for how well this is working.  I don't have a juicer so I can't do the full on ginger shot like she did.  You know I'll report back if this actually works...or if it doesn't.  Either way ginger has great benefits so I don't think much harm can come from it.  (As the third arm starts to grow out of my back.)

We did our upper body strength session and I made fish, TJ's sweet potato gnocchi and Brussels for dinner.  I had some beef roast left over from the other night and some caramelized onions so I threw together a batch of Grandma's noodles and it's in the freezer when I need some of her culinary love.

(I still tear up when I run my hand over the dough.  It's like she's beside me.)

We watched The Goldbergs and I don't know, we're not feeling it this season so far.  Pffft.  Then it was Survivor time and the manus made us some tea to settle in for the evening. 

How's your week been going?  Anything good, bad or indifferent going on?

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  1. I am glad you have your Grandma's spirit with you when you make those, and you did an amazing job so I know she's proud!

    1. It's always when I run my hand over the top with the last bit of flour. Don't know why. I can still never cut them the way she did. Mine end up looking like worms. :-\ Maybe I'll cut off the edges and give one final roll after cutting but before separating them next time.

  2. It will be so nice to pull those noodles out of the freezer down the road. Like a double gift - the recipe and love from her, and the preparation a give from today you to future you.

    This has been a long long week. I've had "stuff" going on every day after school, including parent/teacher conferences last night and tonight. Tuesday was my "early" night this week and I got home about an hour later than usual. I just have to get through today though, no work tomorrow.

    I hope you are recovered enough to get out for your walk soon. Walking aside, being outside is healing and calming all on its own.

    1. Yes, I know future me is already excited for the break! :D

      Ooh, I can only imagine what parent teacher conferences have to be like these days. Do you roll your eyes a lot and is it a bunch of excuses? I hope you actually have parents that take responsibility for their role in helping their kids succeed. In case I've never said it, hats off to you for doing one of the most underappreciated, underpaid but most important jobs out there.

      Even with the break and upper body only, my hips were still jacked this morning for our hot sticky walk. *throws my hands in the air* You're right though, it is very healing because it's 45 minutes where my hamster wheel can roll and hopefully get out any unproductive thoughts so I can jump into the day.

  3. What a wonderful gift she has given you with all the memories. Hugs you to, my friend.

    My week is going pretty good! I'm about a month back into my fitness/wellness journey. I'm kind of sad that Sparkpeople doesn't seem the same as it used to be, but maybe I just need to get more involved there again. Thank you for being an inspiration to me always!


    1. Hey girl! Yes, she sure did. :-)

      Congrats on being back in it to win it! Yeah, I was on there about two months ago just to poke around people's pages and so many were gone or not updated for over 1000 days (lots of those). I thought how sad it was that these people that were so much a part of my every day life had left and wondered how they were doing. I'm so happy so many have come over here to check in and hang out.

  4. The only warnings I've seen on ginger are for those on blood thinners. It's very warming too so if you are prone to hot flashes, be aware. I've used it for years to combat reflux. I drink it in hot tea with lemon and honey when I'm sick and will throw it into a glass of ice water with a little honey if I get heartburn. I grate it right in as I don't mind a few particles in my drink.

    I also found a great smoothie recipe that includes ginger but it's a little sweet so I don't have it often: granny smith apple, cup of spinach, 1 inch peeled ginger, 1/2 banana. You can add honey if you like it sweeter. For the liquid, either milk (or almond/soy/etc) or a mix of greek yogurt and water.

    1. Ahh, good info! I just drank it and have tomorrow's brewing because it takes forever. (I might need to start slicing it so it steeps quicker.) When I was nauseous a few weeks ago, I chewed a piece of bagged ginger and it instantly took it away when Tums and Zots (the baking soda) didn't do as much.

      I will have to try out that smoothie! YUM!

  5. I use the same micro-grater as I use for nutmeg. If you don't like ginger particles you can strain it out. Boiling slices works well for hot drinks though.

    Have you learned the trick of taking the skin off by scraping it with a spoon? That was a recent one for me and less waste than slicing it off.

  6. I will say I missed part of the Goldbergs and I wasn't thrilled with Single Parents this week (loved the premiere last week though). I hooted and hollered at Cool Kids on Friday night and I'm hoping it'll be just as good tomorrow night. Vickie Lawrence is a hoot! All the characters are actually. I need some funny in my life! =o)


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