Monday, October 22, 2018

Silenced and sweet weekend roundup

Good Monday morning everyone!

Well, it was quite the sickie weekend in our abode.  I felt good enough to be out and about and didn't have much of a cough or anything so didn't feel like I'd be spreading it to others.  We went antiquing a little both in town and about an hour away.  I was looking for vintage large picture frames and just like always when I decide I want something that I've seen 1000x before, I then can't find it.  I almost got some from this one place but I wasn't crazy about the pattern on the frame and figured even kinds of honeywouldn't make me love it.  I found one at Hobby Lobby online so I'll probably throw some paint on it when I get it.  About halfway through the day, I could feel my voice getting kind of squeaky.  We were talking a lot but no more than we normally do.  As I went on my quest for old people candy (peanut butter kisses) for when I can taste again, we found ourselves in a grocery store and decided to get our flu shots.  I checked with a nurse friend who said it was fine to do it with a cold.  The pharmacist tried to give us flack but then said as long as we didn't have a fever we'd be fine.  The woman who told us to fill out our paperwork was whispering and obviously had laryngitis.  You literally couldn't hear her and FYI- whispering is the worst thing you can do with laryngitis because it actually puts more strain on your vocal chords than just trying to talk normally does.  I wasn't prepared to get a flu shot and was wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a tight wrist band so when I rolled it over my arm fat, it was pretty tight.  When she stabbed me, she yelled "ahh, you're a bleeder!" and grabs a cotton ball.  I guess it ran pretty quickly down my arm.  I'm assuming because of the pressure from my Life is Good tourniquet.  Well, about 10 minutes after leaving, my voice got worse and continued to get worse.  Yep, I've got laryngitis now.  I blame the woman at the pharmacy.  (I'm kidding, I know the virus isn't very contagious unless you have a fever.)   So, basically, I have every husband's dream right now.  STFU syndrome.

The Mr and I have been doing this technique to help drain our sinuses and keep the white blood cells pumping.  I do it about 5x a day and if I'm up in the middle of the night to wee.  For almost two weeks prior, I've been drinking shredded ginger root tea daily for digestion purposes, so I feel like that's given me a bit of an advantage since I definitely have the crappier immune system of the two of us.  Despite the laryngitis, I feel like these things have helped overall because usually my colds will knock me off my butt and that hasn't happened yet.  *knocks on all of the wood*  It's more annoying than anything but not painful like usual, and the Mr has been more miserable than usual with his.  I usually have a horrible sore throat for 2-3 days that feels like I've swallowed a cheese grater and can't sleep much.  Nothing yet and sleep has been average for me, so I'm pretty thankful.  I did make some homemade soup for us so we could get the specific nutrition we needed.

The top is cilantro chicken wonton soup with spinach, carrots, garlic, broccoli, and made with bone broth for more protein.  The bottom is just some Mexican-ish dump soup I made with bone broth, a can of creamed corn, a can of Rotel tomatoes and chiles, scallions, brown rice, chicken, spinach and various spices like ghost pepper flakes (in mine), chipotle powder, and berbere.

Sunday the Mr had plans, and the friends he was going with said they didn't mind being exposed.  (They won't say that if they catch it but I've got no dog in that fight.)  The Mr was kind enough to go to the grocery store to get our produce refuel for the week since he was going to be gone from late afternoon until probably midnight.  (Or after midnight as it turns out.)  I'm glad I wasn't going anyway because obviously, I'd have to cancel.  I admit I was a little nervous because if something happened and I needed help, I couldn't call anyone because they couldn't hear me.  I can't text to save my life.  The only way I can text the Mr is because he texted my phone once and I just kept it.  He did text me through the night to let me know where he was at each destination just so I knew when to expect him home and I didn't play with scissors or fire so I was okay.  (That's actually not accurate, I did light half a pine needle incense to set the mood.  affiliate link)

Before he left, we did Powerstrike.  (affiliate link)  I felt oddly energized doing it.  I always feel better when I work out when I'm sick for some reason.  After he left, I watched a crappy Hallmark movie while I worked and watched the Trapp Lodge cam in Vermont where flurries were coming down (squee!)   I watched the snow clouds hang low and threat'nin.  Maybe it won't, praying it may!  (Sorry, lapsed into my favorite Christmas song, Pine Cones and Holly Berries.)  Okay, now I'm listening to it from that link and tearing up.  I could actually make out a few of the actual shapes of the snowflakes as they flew by and my heart fluttered, and I had a smile plastered on my face.  There is no faster transportation to the magic of Christmas and my childhood than watching the snow fall.

It's quite hard being a snow lover in this world with so many people acting like you are some kind of freak for loving it as much as they love the first warm day of the year after a long winter.  It takes all I have not to flick them in the forehead.

I did get a nice distraction, my order from Beekman 1802 arrived.

I've been craving glazed veggies lately and I've been out of their chipotle honey.  I also like carrots glazed in their rosemary honey.  SO yummy.  I've tried so many different honeys, and theirs are by far the best quality.  A sweet treat for sure AND there is no better cough drop that 1/2 tsp of this raw honey.  I took some just before bed last night, and it lasted me until morning, way longer than the cough drop I took earlier.  I was pleasantly surprised to get a free "hi Neighbor" sticker in my order.  We've supported them from the very beginning and so happy they are getting so big and more people are discovering them after their debut on HSN.  I won't lie, I hope they don't get TOO big though because you know how quality always tends to drop when it gets too big to keep up with.  Fingers crossed they are successful in a way that allows them to stick to their original vision.

That's about it on our end.  How about you?

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. That lymphatic drain technique looks interesting. I'm going to have to give that a try since my ears and sinuses have been acting up lately, thanks for the link.

    I'm so glad it's soup weather! I like soup all year long but my husband isn't a big fan so it's easier to convince him once it gets a little chillier. Do you make your own bone broth? I've done it in the past and it's delicious but haven't taken the time to make it recently.

    We had snow last weekend, it was gone by the next afternoon but we got a couple of inches. I do love watching it come down as long as I don't have to be out driving in it.

    I hope you continue to feel better and have a good week!!

    1. The drain technique helps any time of year. We both seem to get congested in the morning any time of year and that instantly clears it up for us.

      I'd like to make my own sometime but I get Pacific Foods Organic Chicken (or beef) bone broth. It's a little more expensive than the regular stuff but it's easier than making it. I might have to pick up an organic chicken at TJ's Friday and make my own finally!

      Yeah, I'm not a fan of driving in it either but it's more because other people act a fool in it. :D

  2. I was out and about in the snow this weekend as well about 60 miles from home, but it cleared up the closer I got back into town. I'm a huge soup fan, too, and plan on making that today to have before I cut the lawn so it'll be ready for me (and dishes already done) when I get finished with my shower. The hubs isn't as big a soup fan as I am (I could eat it every day) but we are having a hearty beef soup later this week that he's looking forward to. I actually had quite a productive evening with getting chores done, recycling/garbage ready to go, and other tasks I hadn't been planning on, which made me feel great before bed. Already ran four errands this morning, so I'm done with the people portion of my day -- LOL -- and am getting ready to tackle the lawn in long sleeves and some gloves. Ha!

    1. I LOVE tomato soup but don't get it often because of sodium so I used low sodium bone broth since I knew it wouldn't wreck me sodium wise. Beef soup sounds yummy! Wow, you DID get a lot of stuff done! Teach me. LOL

  3. I got my flu shot last week, and it always leaves me feeling crummy for a few days. So... When I felt the sore throat, etc. come on I thought that's what it was. By Saturday evening I knew it was more than that and barely moved from my couch on Sunday. Still though, I made it through the first quarter before my first cold of the school year so that's a win. I followed along with your link, and I'll try it again later. Anything to help me breathe better and get some sleep.

    I love snow too. Everyone around me gripes about it, but I love to watch it snow. You're not alone.

    1. Aww man, it was probably already brewing in there and got ya. It stinks when you feel so drained you can't move but it sounds like you needed the rest. Sorry you're in the same boat with us! :-\ We try to do that lymph drainage about 5-6x a day and I think it's no coincidence I've done it less today and felt worse.

      YAY another snow lover!! But I know you like your Halloween first! ;-) (As it should be!)


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