Friday, October 5, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #40

Happy Friday everyone!  We're into our first week of October and it sure didn't feel like it around here.  I'm so sick of being a sweaty, glistening beast by 8am every day.  Why can't we live in Maine or Vermont where it's been solidly in the mid 60's and peaking at 70.  So ready to move from this humidity stew.   

But enough about my glistening delve into the new month, let's get to...

We Talked to a Nutritionist to Get the Skinny on Drinking Water For Weight Loss   (Glug, glug, glug!)

9 Causes of Shoulder Pain That Have Nothing to Do With Getting Older   (So I should stop telling the Mr to "jam his shoulder into the door frame "Riggs style?"")

Important Considerations When Lifting With a Larger Body  (Good squat!)

Keep Your Head Held High While on Your Weight-Loss Journey - You're Doing Amazing  (Mental food for thought.)

I Did 20 Minutes of Extra Cardio a Day For 1 Week  (I understand why she came to her conclusion but I'm doing this.)

What To Do If Your Doctor Fat Shames You  (Before or after you rip them a new one?)

The 10 Best Cleaning Tricks For Stressed-Out People  (I'm trying to make most of these habits and feel so much better and less stressed when I do.)

Stop Junk Mail For Good With These 4 Steps  (I signed my grandma's husband up for a few of these when we recently got his mail while he was on vacation.  I've never seen so many "free" calendars, cards, address labels and crap over a 5 year period much less 4 days!!)

40 Toys That'll Be On Your Kid's Holiday Wish List, According To Other Kids  (Get 'em now.  I'm picking some up to donate.)

45 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are So Easy It’s Scary  (Some really cute ideas!   I could never do the candy corn garland because the Mr would come down to less and less of it hanging.   I love the pumpkin favors and if we do Thanksgiving this year, I think I might do those for the kids.)

25 of the Best Pumpkin Farms Across America  (Get pickin'!)

It's chili season!  (I don't care if it's 85 degrees out, I'm eating chili, dammit!)

We've got a craft show to go to tomorrow and I'm pretty excited.  (I'd be more excited if it wasn't going to be pushing 90 effing degrees though.  😠)  I'm ready to buy all of the fall things even though I have no room for it.  Some friends of the Mr's are going to be vendors there too so it'll be nice to catch up with them.  No clue what else is on the agenda but I think a pumpkin patch might be thrown in there somewhere.

What are you guys doing to pepper your weekend with awesome?

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  1. So ready for the weekend, especially after last weekend being kind of held back due to work. Bring on the pumpkin stuff!

  2. Have fun at the craft show! (And pumpkin patch if you go) The hubs took a 1/2 day today so he wouldn't be mandated for tomorrow so I'm happy he'll get some chill time after starting super early this week. We are going to an early dinner tomorrow (or Sunday) for a postponed anniversary meal which will be nice. I lead a meeting in the morning and then it'll be laundry and house stuff since we're due to get upwards of 3 inches of rain by the time Saturday ends, so no outdoor activities. I'll be doing some Christmas shopping as well and will have fun with that. And, of course, football. =o) Have a super weekend!

  3. It's your time of year!
    I'm taking my little rock climbing tomorrow. Sunday I'm heading out of town got a wedding. Have a great weekend!

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