Monday, October 29, 2018

Exhausting but Productive Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all.

It was a pretty low key weekend.  It was grocery weekend so we went out Friday night after our workout and dinner and got down to business.  While it sucks to spend Friday night doing that, it's MUCH less crowded than Saturdays and downright empty by the time we get to the last one.  It makes it so much less stressful getting produce when you're not dodging people in their own world, texters (really?), little kids running amok and our new "favorite" people leaving their carts to go shop the whole department while blocking others.  "Here, no one should need strawberries."  I swear the next time I see that I'm moving the cart over two rows.  Animals.  Trader Joe's said they had "production issues" with our favorite dish of all time, the sweet potato gnocchi.

If you're a TJ's shopper, you know this is code for "kiss your favorite goodbye because we suck."  This truly may be the nail in the coffin for that place for us.  We'll look for the things we used to consider "staples" from there and see if we can get them elsewhere and if so, eat my dust.  Between how often they do that and the attitudes of the employees lately, it's just not worth it.  The employees seem to think that this is the place for them to hang out, gab, sit on the floor in the middle of the aisle refilling things that are nowhere near empty just so they can stop the flow of heavy traffic and God forbid you try to get around them when they're in the middle of a scintillating convo about their weekend plans.  *hard eye roll*

We're both still sick so it's not like we had grand plans.  It was a rainy day and my thoughts were with a friend who had to send her dear sweet pup to the Rainbow Bridge.  It was because of this dog that we even met.   There was a social media site for pets and when I was in the last months of our pup's time here and she had a dog of the same breed and was such a help to me when our girl passed.  We got to emailing and eventually got together several times.  She and her husband (and daughter) are lovely people and I'd so hoped to meet the pup that brought us together one day.  Sunday morning, I had a dream about our dog burrowing through the snow up to a barn where I was walking and she popped her head up and I started laughing.  Then she looked back and I saw more snow moving behind her and up popped my friend's dog with a huge smile on her face and they raced into the barn together.  I woke up feeling like that was my baby's way of telling me she was showing her new friend around.  Any of you who have been through it knows it's the final act of love you can give your furbaby and the range of emotions you feel in the following days.  I so wished we lived in the same town so I could give her a big hug.  Please keep her in your prayers for a healing heart.

Saturday night, the Mr wanted a date night to watch Hallmark's first new Christmas movie of the season, Christmas at Pemberly Manor, I think.  It was cute and it was nice to be dressed in our Christmas jammies with pine incense burning.  (That implies I don't also do this in July.)   We played the Hallmark drinking game but with candy corn.  We had to pop one for the following reasons:

Big city/small town
New England town
A man who looks like Santa named Chris
Town treasure threatened
Baking Christmas cookies
Love related misunderstanding
CG magical snowfall

Sunday the Mr brought up Mount Laundry from the basement and I saw him eyeing his closet.  It's full of clothes that haven't been touched in ages.  So I pulled up a chair and told him to try it all on.  ALL of it.  There are clothes that fit, some that are 10 lbs away and some that are just too short and by the time he loses weight where it counts, the upper torso will be too big.  There are ones that he was having problems letting go of so my giving the yay or nay helped him.  I did the same with mine.  I thought I already pulled out the ones I was going to donate but I went through a few more and into a drawer and let go of some I'd hoped to get back into or just bought to buy a souvenir shirt.  I had to ask how often I wear them and if it wasn't often and I was holding onto them because I love X but not enough to wear it, off it went.  We donated a full bag of clothes so that felt good but it also took two hours out of our day that I wasn't planning on.  I was feeling stir crazy so we went for a drive in the country but there were a lot of detours so it wasn't as relaxing as I'd hoped and then we hit a storm on the way back.  Arg. 

Then back home and did the butt kicker BFF workout and wanted to drop into a heap.  I'm so grateful I found that workout, it's one of our go to's and definitely gives a great cardio workout too.  I made homemade Chinese with cauliflower rice for dinner.

Then we hit the rest of our Halloween movies.  We got in Fright Night (the good one) and Scream(Affiliate links)  I remember seeing Scream in theaters multiple times the year we were married.  We were so proud of Wes for directing such a great comeback movie and it still holds up over 20 years later. 

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. It was productive and had just enough relaxing time in to make it worth it all. Hard to beleive this week sees us into November. Wow!

  2. I was still recovering from this cold, but feeling much better. I ended up at the doctor with a sinus and ear infection and needed a round of steroids to clear up my lungs. Ugh. I hate that, but at least I'm feeling better.

    I had tickets to a local play Friday night, but just didn't feel up to it so I gave away the tickets. Saturday was the Halloween parade and Sunday was pumpkin carving day and then Charlie Brown. I never made it to the grocery store, but I only need a couple things so I'll do it on the way home from work tonight.

  3. What's that glaze on your fish? It looks excellent!

    1. It's just mango passion fruit jelly. I put it on just as it comes out of the oven and it melts into a glaze. If you can't find that, apricot or peach by Bonne Maman are also good!

  4. I'm praying for your friend and her little love. It's heartbreaking no matter how many times you've been through it. So very, very sorry.

    I had a great meeting on Saturday, then we did some errands and grocery shopping, then watched a lot of football both days. I got through some piddly stuff that I hadn't planned on, but was thrilled when I didn't procrastinate and just did it. I was all into the World Series, and have no idea why, so that kept me up late last night. Hard to believe the clocks fall back next weekend! It's going to be dark driving home from work now. Egads! Always takes me a little while to adjust to that and not want to go to bed by 7pm. lol


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