Friday, May 4, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #18

Happy Friday all!  Is it me or when it hits this time of year, you get the itch to start buying all of the flowers even though you know there is another frost likely looming that could kill all of your plants?  Must refrain!

But enough of my weather woes, let's get to...

50 Most Overrated Tourist Spots in the World  (One person's "overrated" is another person's dream.  Shut it.)

The 10 Best Beaches In The World In 2018, Revealed  (I expect them to pull a sheet off of an entire beach for the "reveal.")

50 Iconic Movie Locations You Have to Visit  (We've got some travelin' to do)

15 Popular Travel Destinations You Should Avoid In The Summer  (Most are international but I had to laugh at Martha's Vineyard because we were warned by locals a few weeks after we left (mid-May) that it was going to take 3x as long to get where you need to go and their patience will wear thin.  LOL)

The 25 best places everyone should visit this year, according to travelers who have been there
  (Apparently, the US only has NYC to offer.)

17 Ways Qantas Is Going to Make a 17-hour Flight Comfortable for Passengers  (Don't even look at those first class seats...they were $11K per person!  Just looking at the economy seats gave me compartment syndrome.)

10 Hiding Spots Burglars Always Look First  (They'll never look in the hemorroid cream box though.  Dammit!!!  *looks for new hiding place*)

Why You Feel So Stressed Out After A Vacation  (Because inevitably people who don't contact you for months at a time suddenly feel compelled to email you about 20 things going wrong in their lives and expect an immediate response, someone has a computer "crisis" (aka- I can't connect to X) that needs fixed NOW, the work you left specific instructions on how to complete in your absence is still untouched upon your return and people in general won't just leave you the hell alone!!  * of two*  Reason #1354 why I refuse to read email on vacation anymore.)

Can you tell I'm in a vacation state of mind?  HA!

You got any vacations planned this year?  Whatchu doing this weekend?

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  1. Disagree with Hobbiton, NZ being overrated! It was a very cool experience and they told you so much about the set that I'd never find out otherwise. Being film set buffs, I bet you guys would enjoy it too.

    Also disagree with Walt Disney World, cable cars in San Fran


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