Friday, May 18, 2018

Tell Me Somethin' Good!

There's no What I'm Reading This Week because we've been on a much needed vacation so I haven't had the chance to read anything.

So I thought I'd open up the mic to you guys.

Share something good that happened to you this week or that you did to make someone else's life good! 

It can be as simple as you got the front row space without having to land shark people out of the grocery store (don't do that) to you took time out to enjoy a bubble bath or a book you've been putting off reading and indulged in a little self-care.  "Good" looks like different things to different people and we should share more of that more often!  Even if it didn't happen in the past week, you can share anything good that's made you smile recently.

Obviously, my "good" was a vacation.  I will write about it next week but after the past few months, it was much needed!

Your turn!

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  1. My recent good is awesome - my cousin agreed to get tested to see if we match to donate a kidney to me - AND WE DO!!! The most self-less gift you can ever give anyone. So appreciative - and scared. But it's my chance to live a better life and he's adamant about going through with it. I feel very blessed.

  2. My good was that I got my new lawn furniture assembled last weekend and the fire pit was brought out of storage, so that it is ready for use this weekend.

    I also had a fantastic walk after supper on Wednesday. The sun was shining, but it wasn't too warm, I could smell the sea air, and it felt good to be alive. My boyfriend actually suggested that we go. Normally I am dragging him out the door to go for a walk. His suggesting it was a really nice change.

  3. My recent good thing is my eldest was home all Mother's day weekend and did a bunch of items off my to do list! I waited 30 years for that day!
    Wishing you two a fantastic vacation!

  4. My good came out of something bad, which was my car breaking down 70 miles from home in the suburbs. I got help from an auto parts store who directed me to the dealership (and called for me) with 10 minutes to spare on a Saturday afternoon, and the service dept treated me like gold. I bought both places Fannie May as a thank you on Thursday and they were very surprised and appreciative. To my utter shock the service guy had already done up my invoice the day before and said he only charged me for 2 days for the loaner car instead of the 6 I rented it for. He said I'd been through enough and he couldn't do that to me. AND he only charged me $35 a day! So $70 to rent a 2018 Chevy Trax for 6 days with all that mileage. I was blessed indeed!


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