Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Recap

Well, I didn't set any goals for May because I knew the first half of it would be stuffing ourselves with seafood and whoopie pies...Maine's bounty in our bellies.  And on our thighs...butts...spare tires...calves.  If there's a body part, it's carryin' extra for May.

But the good thing is we basically got right back to it.  We eased in last week making sure not to overdo it on the strength as we've been known to do.  I am lucky enough to have a huge glob of scar tissue on my left elbow area now from a fall I took at a lighthouse so weights have been super fun with both messed up.  I said how I'd hoped to make walking during the day (during the week) a goal because I know not moving has been a big problem for a decade.   I only missed Monday and that was because it was already hot and 90% humidity and I just wasn't having it.  Sadly the next day was the same so we got out and walked.  It was horrible.  So Wednesday, I did 3 Walk and Talk workouts from Jessica Smith and in the same time I walked my steps that my 'hood laps usually warrant.  (According to her it was three miles but it's not because the steps don't line up stride wise as they do outside if that makes sense.)  I'm trying hard to make it a habit especially after seeing that I overestimated how many steps I typically get in a day.  Probably 300-500.  Not a typo.  So you can see how that would impede any weight loss regardless of what kind of workouts we do in the evening. 

So here are June's goals:

Food:  Just getting back to normal portions (almost there) and take advantage of all of the fresh fruits and veggies by making a few meatless meals during the week.


Exercise:  My thought was maybe 2 HIITs and 1 longer workout  (Turbo Fire, Power 90, etc) and the usual 3 strengths.  June will, unfortunately, be about rebuilding stamina lost from our time off in May from aerobic exercise.


Water:  Need to get back to my two bottles a day.


Sleep:  I need to look into blackout curtains.  The streetlight is, of course, right in front of our place and it's bothering me more and more.  Then you couple that with it getting light in the room around 6am and it wakes me up and I spend an hour being restless.  It's not how I want to start my day.


Mental Health:  My yoga mat should be here today so I would like to start the mornings by stretching on the patio.  I checked and we have a path that would work.  It always put me in a good frame of mind when we did it on vacation last year and like the one or two days I did it last month in Maine, so why not make it an every day thing and not just a vacation thing?  I'll do it when we get back from our morning walk and maybe have a nice cup of iced mango tea waiting while I do it.  (I had that after Tuesday's walk that was so hot and humid and it was instantly refreshing and cooled down my core temp fast.)

What are your goals for June? 

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  1. FYI - Leslie Sansone has some walking videos on her YouTube channel. They aren't the 3 mile walks, but there are more than one 1 mile walks to do.
    My goal for June is to focus on my eating and my health, and continue to reduce my intake of carbohydrates. There is nothing like an unexpected medical diagnosis to give you a swift kick in the rear and eliminate the desire to binge eat the bag of chips that once brought so much comfort!

  2. Given the whoopie fest that was early May for us I'd say we're both back on a good track and I like the way we've added the additional walking and movement. June goals look good and I will adopt a lot of the same for myself. Wow... How is it June already?

  3. My goals are less sitting, more movement when I get home from work. Really focus on getting my water intake up to where it needs to be. Fresh fruit and veggies every day instead of just buying them and they sit in the fridge. Get back to cleaning out one drawer/cabinet at a time to get rid of things in this house.


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