Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Back to the drawing board

Just like any vacation, we go in with the best of intentions on all fronts  At least where exercise, drinking water, not eating like they're banning food upon our return and keeping up with PT are concerned.

We always seem to adopt the rule "all meals are to be followed by dessert" and pay for it dearly.   (The worst part is when a meal or treat isn't worth it.  I actually did throw away a good amount of stuff that was just plain bleh so I suppose it's better than eating it just because I've paid for it.)

We rarely drink water because with not knowing where we'll be when the bladder kicks in (Maine doesn't have an abundance of rest stops) we kept water to every meal.

We take our bands with us so we can do strength training...never saw the light of day.

I bring a PT office with me in the carry on...that stuff got used maybe 3-4x total and PT was done once or twice.

I did do some morning stretching on the balcony on our anniversary and I wanted to do it every day but didn't.

We bring workouts with us and that was done once and that was because my "dough timer" popped on my gut a week in.  (Aka- nothing fit right anymore and I felt like crap about myself.)

I was thankful I brought at least one dinner with us in the cooler because our anniversary dinner this year was meatloaf, mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole since I had such a bad headache that night that I didn't feel like going out.   It was nice to be able to heat that stuff up but they had the world's worst microwave so it didn't feel exactly gourmet.  A horrible lunch the same day at a restaurant we didn't know was a dive until we sat down was not what I would've called a stellar anniversary this year on the food front.  I kind of feel like we need a do-over on that one.

About the only upside is almost every day we walked a minimum of 3 miles, a few 5 miles and even two 8 mile days in there.  I got a salad twice!  Build me a float in a parade...stat.

Needless to say, we have a LOT of work ahead of us.  Nothing fits right, the first workout back is always humbling, though eating better seems to always come pretty easy because after eating out so much when you're not used to it, your body craves all the fruits and veggies.  Water is getting there but certainly better than when we were gone so I'll take it.  I'm trying to get some new habits in...ones that I've needed to do for years and hopefully, it'll help what I've put on come off faster and beyond.

What's the biggest thing that helps you get back on track after vacation?

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  1. Vacations are our biggest hurdle in this journey. But I feel good about the fact that we're right back in the fight and are already doing good and adjusting things by adding more walking in addition to workouts that I think will help.

  2. For me, I have to go with the thought of "start where you stand." I try to let go of the self-recriminations quickly and remind myself I made the choices willingly and therefore I can make new choices right here, starting with the meal in front of me. And I've tried to change my thinking of I *have* to eat this (diet mentality) to I *get* to eat this (conscious choice) and that's done a lot to have a little more enthusiasm about getting healthy on a daily basis and not looking so far into the future (like I'm wont to do) waiting for that magical number to appear on that blasted scale.

  3. Getting back into my regular routine of life helps me get back on track after vacation. I have to start packing a lunch and getting a workout in before work in the morning. I also get back into my regular fitness classes. Fewer decisions have to be made when I am back to my regular schedule.


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