Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trying to erase the ugly

You don't want to know about yesterday.  Trust me, the Mr doesn't want you to know either.

So I will post links to clips that make me laugh because this is the season for attempted holiday cheer.

Spongebob's "Sailor Mouth" episode clip

Tom and Jerry's "Uncle Pecos" final string snatch

Wile E Coyote anything because...super genius

Daffy Duck as Robin Hood...yikes and away!

I used to recite this verbatim as a child...still can

Obviously I miss Saturday morning cartoons!

If you have any favorite funny (clean!) cartoons to share, post a link in the comments or describe your favorite!

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    In case the link doesn't work, it is Bugs Bunny the Rabbit of Seville

  2. I own 3 bugs bunny collections. The best cartoons ever.

  3. I love all the "oldies" too! I sooooo miss Saturday morning cartoons. I'm always looking to see what's on the BOOM channel for my favorites. The Uncle Pecos one is awesome!!

    I'm sorry yesterday was the pits. This time of year gets so crazy it's hard not to lose your mind. I had to laugh in your other post when you said you had to turn off the Christmas music -- I had to do that too in the car before I started yelling like a maniac. I just needed the peace and quiet of the car for few minutes. I hope today is much better for you. Don't answer any phone calls or doorbells. Just hunker down with some of your awesome hot chocolate -- and resist flinging it at anyone and giving them third degree burns. LOL xoxoxo


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