Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Don't forget to remember them

Yesterday was just what I needed.  When I heard the Mr get up and get in the shower, I hopped back in bed from my couch prison.  (I wasn't able to sleep and the second I did fall asleep, the light timer came on and woke me up)

I slept about two or two and a half hours and wrapped the Mr's "outer boxes."  (Because our gifts are all so tiny for each other and could fit in a small gift bag, we decided to wrap them, save all the big boxes and wrap those for under the tree, that way it still feels like Christmas morning as kids.)  Obviously time was running out so I had to get it done.  When I was finishing up, I heard someone stirring on the front porch so I checked it out.

I saw this box.

I know what that means and I know who it's from!

Our wonderful friend Jeff sent us some Chicago love.  I wanted to send him some of our homemade treats but wasn't sure if he was hanging around the city this year or if he was traveling.  Turns out he's house sitting for a friend so I sent them to that address for him to enjoy.  If you can't be with family, you should at least have some home baked Christmas love, right?

I only had to go a mile to mail it but the traffic was horrendous.  So I popped in some music that makes me dance and sing and did just that.  Everyone around me looked miserable in the rain but I was singing and dancing in my seat because I had a box of Christmas spirit to mail, so outta da way!  I took the back route home and cut my drive in half.  Obviously everyone has taken the week off because it was between 2-3pm.

I made a point to not really talk to anyone including the Mr (well, except Jeff to thank him and coordinate the goodie drop) because this was the only day I had to myself this week.  I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and put away all of the stuff I dragged out to get the box ready.  I want to keep everything tidy so we don't have to do anything Christmas Eve or day.  I'm tired of the constant rushing around.  We have a spread we do for Christmas Eve with my mom and I haven't even given a thought to what we're having.  I have to make rumaki because the mom and Mr demand it.  I think the next time anyone threatens to pull noodles on Christmas Day, I will threaten to pull rumaki on Christmas Eve and spice cake for Christmas Day and apple crumb pie on Thanksgiving.  See, two can play this game.  You guys have your important foods and I have mine.  I did make sure to tell my aunt that it's important to keep up the noodles because it's tradition passed down from generations.  I think she gets it now.  Fingers crossed.

I feel a little more grounded and I'm sure that'll change day to day as we get closer to go time.  But as I look over at our stairs and the Christmas cards lining the banister,  I think of the people who have sent cards or gifts to me/us this holiday to let us know that we're thought of and in the end, that's all you really want is to know you're thought of.  I like letting people know they're special with a card this time of year.  I know it's a waning practice but one I plan to never abandon.  I like to check in with people regardless of the time of year.  It's kind of like that quote from Home Alone 2...

"Maybe they don't forget about you, but they forget to remember you. People don't mean to forget."

So when someone takes a moment from their busy schedules to shoot a text, email, card and such, it means so much.  Think of how you like to be remembered and not just at this time of year but any time of year.  I bet there are a few people who would love to know someone as special as you is thinking of them.

Make someone's day...don't forget to remember them.  ;-)

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  1. You know you're loved If you get Garrett's!
    I was surprised to get a gift in the mail from my 34 year old niece, first time ever, sure brought a smile to my face. I always tell my boys not to miss an opportunity to make someone's day if they can. It sure is the little things. I'm a card freak and send them all the time. It is surprising how many thank yous I get for cards. I also receive thank yous for the thank you cards I send,tee hee. Once even received a thank you card for the one I sent. I keep all thank you cards and the most recent five on display. They bring me joy. Ma says she loves mail that doesn't have a windowed envelope!
    Have a great day!

  2. That was an awesome thing to come home to. Thanks Jeff! Love that popcorn!

  3. Every year I say I'm going to do cards, and every year time gets away from me and I don't. I have probably close to 100 cards in a variety of designs that I've picked up with the best intentions. Maybe next year.

    I'm glad yesterday got better for you. Some rest and alone time, plus popcorn and the chance to send off some Christmas caring really seem to have turned the corner for you.

    I finished my shopping yesterday, and ordered the last couple things online paying a premium for shipping. They are supposed to be here Thursday, but they're for adults so if they're late I can put a promise in a box so it'll be ok.

  4. What an awesome gift from your friend! That's a very nice treat for you and the Mr. as you watch some holiday flicks. I'm a big card person, so I love sending them out and getting them. I like reading the Christmas letters I get too, and I'm always surprised at how many people don't like them. One family even said they knew a lot of people didn't care for them but it's the only chance they have to let people know what's going on. The past couple of years I hadn't planned on sending cards out, but then I always snap out of it and do it, and always feel better for it.


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