Thursday, December 17, 2015

The day I ate cookies for lunch

That title ain't even frontin'...I straight up ate cookies for lunch because I didn't have time to stop.  I had a work function and five people to bake for and a self imposed shipping deadline so stopping to throw together a dainty lunch wasn't in the cards.  Given how horrible my body fely from being on my feet for 8 hours, I'd say I burned a cookie or two in addition to my workout.  (Hats off to the retailers.  I couldn't do it anymore)

But despite the physical pain, I was emotionally happy.  Any time I get to stock up on goodie bags for impending Christmas cookie baking, I'm a happy girl.

I had to do a slight twist on an old favorite and rolled the peanut butter blossoms in turbinado sugar for more texture.

I did a ginger molasses cookie and while they were no Bent Fork, they were still pretty dang good.

I did come away with a nice battle scar...literally...

I bought these new aluminum cookie sheets.  Do NOT buy those things!  Any cookies I baked on those completely flattened out from the immense heat conduction.  That burn came after I touched the sheet 15 minutes AFTER it came out of the oven!!  So those things are going in the trash unless I can find the receipt.

But we took a big batch to one of my best friends who lives for the day I bring him his Christmas cookies and he was so happy.  I gave him some for his stepdad and his friend who had health issues and some treats for her dog.  One of the best Christmas gifts I get is watching him slam his face into the bags and inhale deeply.  It cracks us up but he just loves them and specifically requests my shortbread cookies because they are amazing.  Butter, brown sugar, vanilla and flour = cookie crack.

I still have our own to bake tomorrow but not nearly as many as I just made so I'm okay with that.  The only thing is we're having company Saturday and the house looks...well, like a bakery exploded.
I must say I'm proud of myself for working out and doing my strength session.  I cannot begin to tell you how just the act of sitting killed my back.  I had to have the Mr massage and crack my feet before I could even begin and my arms were weak as hell from the previous night's workout.  The Mr even gave me a pass but I pushed though because I knew I wouldn't feel good about it.  It in no way counters the sugar I took in but I could've just said "screw it" and taken the out.  I'm glad I didn't.

Do you have your holiday baking done?

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  1. Well you definitely outdid yourself. Again. Needless to say all the people benefitting from your hard work most certainly appreciate it, especially me. The cookies are wonderful and I plan to have more!

  2. Yumz!
    I don't have baking genes so believe me, your skills are much appreciated!

  3. Mine is basically done. I may make a banana bread or a batch of cookies on Christmas Eve just because I want to, but I did my big round of baking on Sunday.

    It's amazing how much better a workout can make you feel even after a long a trying day.

  4. Mmmmm...cookies!! They look delicious!

  5. Those bags are so cute! I still have some old ones from Halloween from years ago and they still make me smile when I run across them in the closet. I'm sorry your arm got burned -- that looks very painful! And it's one of those that you can't do anything for, except maybe wrap it so air doesn't get to it. But the ache is constant. Damn cookie sheets!

  6. Oh no!!! That looks painful. If you paid with a debit or credit card, they can look up your receipt that way in their system so you can still get a refund :)

  7. Where do you get those bags? So cute! I love that your friend really shows you the value of the time you invest in making her cookies.

  8. Ignore bag question. Catching up on posts in reverse order. Love your posts!!!! Thanks for sharing your life.


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