Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to Make Vanilla Sugar

I was in a fancy pants spice store last year and saw they sold these tiny little bottles of vanilla sugar for $12.  I'm talking it was about 1/2 cup worth.  I knew I could make it better and cheaper, so I did.  I used it for every single cookie recipe that called for sugar last year and people kept commenting how awesome they were.  I attribute it to this stuff and I think you should make it too, if not for yourself (but you should), then it's the perfect gift for the baker in your life!

Here's what you'll need for a quart sized mason jar full if you're gift giving or just want to make a small batch for yourself:

3 1/2 cups granulated sugar
4 Vanilla Beans (affiliate link) 

With a sharp knife, score the middle of the vanilla bean from end to end.

With a butter knife, scrape out all of the vanilla "caviar" inside.  Trust me, you want every fleck!  (Save the pods, you'll be using those)

Add caviar to a large bowl that has your sugar in it.

Time to give it a goodly whisk to break up as much of the vanilla as you can.

When you're done, if you have any big bits left like shown below, roll the sugar coated vanilla chunks between your thumb and finger to break it up.

It should look like this...

Take the remaining vanilla bean pods and cut them in half.

Add half of them to the bottom of your mason jar.

Add half of your sugar to the jar.

Add the remaining vanilla pods.

Add the rest of the sugar and shake what yer mama gave you.

Look at those flecks of deliciousness!  Gourmet vanilla sugar ready to be used or given to someone who will love you forever!

The longer it sits, the more the vanilla flavor intensifies so make it soon and when it's cookie baking time, it'll be nice and potent.  (Still use vanilla extract if your recipe calls for it)

I took this pic to store it in my spice cupboard and 24 hours later it was gone!

I blew through 6 pies and a batch of cookies for Thanksgiving!  So I will definitely be doubling or tripling the recipe for cookie baking season since I bake for us, several others and family gatherings!

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  1. I am amazed at how much of a difference this stuff makes in your already legendary cookies and it is so worth the effort as far as I'm concerned. It also looks easy enough that I could do it so no excuses anybody! Just do it yourself, don't overpay for this from those fancy cooking stores!

    1. So am I! I never would've thought this stuff could make a difference but it does taste sooo much better! (And yes, you totally could do it!)

  2. I tried making this one time, but the (apparently bad) advice I got was just to put those whole pod in a jar of sugar and let it sit. That didn't really work out so well. Whenever I can find vanilla beans at the store (local stores don't always carry them) I'll pick some up and give the right way a try.

    1. Osmosis vanilla sugar! :-) I suppose it could slowly leach in but yeah, cutting it open and scraping out the goodness is where the flavor is. The link I have at the top for the beans is $10 for 10 beans which is the best price I've found so far. I just got my 2nd batch in and am going to make more this afternoon!

  3. This seems like it will be so tasty. I just ordered my vanilla beans. I can't wait to try it.

    1. I hope you love it as much as we do! You can do a small batch but if you bake a lot, you can double it and it should get you through the holiday baking season! It smells heavenly!!


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