Monday, December 14, 2015

Amazing gift, not him again and we're doing WHAT in December?

Howdy do, all?

Monday already, eh?  Mmm hmm.  I can see this month shant let me rest and relax.  If it's not physically doing something, it's the mental hamster wheel.  Oy.  I was so excited to sleep in Saturday and I ended up waking at 7am, debated getting up, my legs said "you did two Turbo Fire's in a row...walking ain't happening..."  *charles horse*  So I laid in bed for 2 hours until the Mr woke up and I massaged his broken legs in exchange for the same from him so that mobility could continue for us both.

We were lucky enough to get some ginger molasses cookies from our favorite Chicago burb bakery from a dear friend and they are heavenly.  I'm freezing half to enjoy later in the season.  The Mr isn't usually down with that flavor but this place does them so well, he was ready to snarf upon receipt.  Back away, sir.  You will lose.  So a big thank you to SK, you da bomb, yo!

I know I said I'd not focus on busy stuff but I did.  First stop was Sears to see if they had the folding buffet table I ordered on like the 3rd and said it would be shipped to the store by the 9th.  Of course, no dice.  I called customer service and they said it was in transit and would be in the 15th.  Um, it'd better be, it's a gift.  See it's a gift for my aunt because for some reason she got rid of her table in the dining room that used to hold the desserts.  Well, now there's nowhere to keep them with 25 people hanging out and last time it was in a box I brought and on the floor and nothing against Golden Retrievers but you know how their hair gets on everything and the closer to the ground, the more likely of kick up.  (Thankfully my stuff was fully covered)  I figured I'd buy a folding buffet table for her to keep because it's desperately needed but is small enough that it's not a bear to store.  You try to do something nice and they yank yer chain, yo.

World Market was having some good sales and I realized I needed more designs for treat bags so we got some and then that location didn't have the hat I wanted and I noticed they were on sale so we had to go back to our usual location and they had it and the sea salt flakes I thought were gone for my brown butter chocolate chip cookie.  WOOT!  It's the little things that make me happy.  Well until I realize the Mr has gotten in line with the one guy I can't stand there because he insists on having long, drawn out conversations with people as he rings them up and can get condescending.  Imagine being checked out by a lazy talking Johnny Weir and that about covers it.  It was the shortest line initially but of course he was chatting up everyone.  By the time I got to him, my hormones had kicked in.  I had 2 things I needed him to check to see if they were part of a sale and politely asked if he could check.  He looks at me with dead eyes and his hungover draw and says "what do I look like?"  I calmly smiled and said "an employee?"  He scanned, confirmed the sale price and went on his way.  I would not engage him in chit chat. What I wanted to say "f**ker, I could be here for 20 minutes telling you what you look like.  Do you purposely style your hair that way or do you roll out of bed after a three day bender, look in the mirror and give yourself finger pistols before saying "nailed it" and coming into work?"  I refrained.  Never again dude.

But that night, we turned on the tree, turned off the lights, grabbed our Bent Fork cookies and watched The Santa Clause and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  (affiliate links) We barely kept awake for the Grinch so we just kind of laid on each other on the couch and fell asleep by the tree.  I didn't even mind the kink in my neck when I woke up.

Sunday, glorious Sunday we slept in.  We were up around 9:15am and didn't get out of bed until 11am because dammit, I felt lazy!  I got up, made brunch of pancakes and an omelette by noon and then because it's disgustingly unseasonable...we did this...

If you ever told me I'd be pumping up the yak 11 days before Santa came and snow wouldn't be involved, I would've said you were nuts.  Sigh.  Not a fan of this weather but it sounded better than doing a strength session.

As usual, I couldn't leave the gaggle of gulls alone...

I sent them over the Mr's way and he kept yelling "don't poop!"

We had to do a grocery refill afterward and I was smelling Chinese food so I decided to recreate some for dinner for 540 calories.

I think the Mr will be happy to go back to work, he seemed pretty exhausted each day.  Welcome to the holidays sucker!

What did you guys do this weekend?  What is the best surprise gift you've ever gotten?

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  1. It was a crazy weekend but especially ending it by paddling in December. It's weird having Christmas music in your head while stand-up paddling. Had a great time on the water though and it was a great workout. Not too shabby that we've managed to paddle 7 months in a row now!

    1. Twas definitely crazy and given how the day has started, looks like it's not lightening up. Yeah, I never thought we'd be able to paddle comfortably in December. I thought it'd be fun to do it in the snow but we'd be freezing. I don't like this weather at all!

  2. It's really great that it was warm enough for you to get out and paddle this late in the year.

    I did cookies yesterday, and while most of them came out fine I did have a pretty spectacular fail. I tried your fluffer nutter recipe, but used Nutella. Word of advice to those who might do the same - don't. I knew it was softer than pb - but for some reason I assumed it would work anyway. It didn't. The only positive thing I can say about the resulting mess is that at least it cleaned up easily.

    1. It was certainly a surprise!

      Oh yeah, Nutella doesn't bake well when it's the main ingredient. It can be a good add in for something like a cookie or fudge. It says on the back not to microwave it because I think the texture gets weird or something. Next time try Biscoff creamy spread, that would be a good substitute, though I know, not that awesome Nutella taste!

  3. So very glad the cookies were a hit! =o) Funny, I fell asleep watching the Grinch too. And I also slept in yesterday and had the LAZIEST day I think I've ever had. I wore my glasses all day and stayed in my house clothes/pj's --didn't even put on socks. I literally watched football, read a book, and took multiple naps...that was it. Even the dogs were tired and didn't mind snoozing. I couldn't sleep last night so I'm a bit groggy today, but I got up early to shower and await the garbage guy so I can gift him his Christmas gift. Of course it's 8:45am and he hasn't come down the street yet when normally he's here by about 7:30. Then I have a bunch of places to go to as well as drive out to my mom's house. So I'll be tuckered out by the time I get home, but I'll feel so good having checked so many errands off my list. The price I pay for slumming it yesterday! LOL

    1. What is it about the Grinch that lulls us to sleep? LOL Sometimes we just need to take those lazy days, especially this time of year and pay the price later. I hope the garbage man appreciated your gift and you got all of your errands done!


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