Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tattered and torn

That title is more than lyrics from my favorite Thompson Twins song, it pretty much sums me up right now.  The ol' bod has taken a beating this week.  It all started when I got out in the snow.

As we made our way around the trail twice, my legs were compensating for the uneven terrain.  I could feel it in my ankles for sure.  My chiro said it was good physical therapy and it is but man, the soreness afterward is seriously bad.

To top it off, I decided doing the Total Trainer would be a good "recovery" workout despite my burning quads from snowshoeing.  Yes, I can see how doing leg presses at the end would be a good idea to doubly burn out my legs.  So what do I think is a good idea for Tuesday?  Yoga.  I found a good class on Do Yoga With Me called Happy Feet.  I figured since my feet were unhappy, this could be a good way to loosen them up.

Yes, my feet were happy afterward however my Achilles basically blew out after that.  Yesterday it was all I could do to walk.  I must've rolled out my legs three times during the day and with the heinous tension headache I had, I was in a real great place come workout time.  I asked the Mr if he would "strip" the muscles by the Achilles to see if it would loosen them up.  I was screaming the entire 30 seconds.  I needed more done but couldn't really take it.  It did loosen up my right muscle temporarily but as soon as we got down there to do Turbo Fire, the flare up got worse.  I refrained from any high impact and had to really take it easy.  I'm thinking Walk Away the Pounds is in order today.  I should still be able to get a good burn but without doing too much to anger my inflamed Achilles.  History tells me this should be a 3-4 day ordeal if I ice, roll and stretch.  Rat bastard legs.  Pffft.

What do you do to baby yourself when you're feeling beat up by your workouts?
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  1. I don't know what it is about Yoga but I am always in worse shape leg-wise than I expect that I should be. I had no idea that Yoga was so hard on the muscles. My legs are on fire!

  2. Ice, Ibuprofen, Heat after a while, stretch. You've got the bases covered ,it just sucks.

  3. Rest's ok to rest. Epsom salt soaks help too. I'd love to go snowshoeing , but would probably be in bad shape if I did.

  4. I have problems with both of my Achilles, but mostly my left. I literally have a ball on it...and it all started from a pair of name brand workout shoes that I'll never put on my feet again. When it flares (particularly after sitting for a while then standing) I walk like I have no bend in my knee because it feels like it's going to blow out. I have a heating pad by the couch along with a massager that is very powerful that I use on my legs and shoulders/back. And I love using the frozen water bottle to roll my feet on at the end of a workout.


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