Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Movie night before the storm

Last night was movie rental night.  If we're going to be snowed in today, might as well have some entertainment to get us started right?  We rented About Time and Dallas Buyers Club .  (affiliate links) 

We started with About Time s(affiliate link) tarring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson.  

This is one for the dudes and the ladies because you've got time travel and a love story.  It's not in the same vein as Somewhere in Time but I suppose as close as a time travel love story can get.  Tim (Gleeson) is completely charming in a bumbling Englishman kind of way but not an annoying Hugh Grant way.  He was told on his 21st birthday that the men in their family can time travel.  He uses this to his supposed advantage to correct horrific social faux pas and awkwardness.  It's kind of that adage of if you change one thing, how will it affect everything else in your life.  I've never been a big Rachel McAdams fan but she was very cute in this.  It does reinforce that notion of things happen for a reason and even if you could change some of the worse things that happen to you, should you and would it change who you evolve into as a person?  When his father told him the second secret, I hope it completely changes how I live my life.  It felt like a life changing lesson and left me in a sobbing heap for the rest of the film.  Definitely recommend.  A good one for next weekend's Valentine's chick flick pass, should you need one but one the guy's will like too.

Next was Dallas Buyers Club (affiliate link)  with Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto.

I'll be honest, I had no expectation but I wanted to see what the raves over former Jordan Catalano were all about.  (Extra points if you knew what I was referring to and didn't have to Google it)  When a movie is up for a lot of awards, we tend to not always agree with the crowd.  This was no exception.  It's not that the movie was bad or anything, it just got very long and draggy.  I know most people know it's about a man with AIDS in the 80's so you can guess the subject matter is somewhat depressing.  If you're uber PC, this movie is not for you.  I'm not delicate like that so I could take what they said with a grain of salt but I thought it should be mentioned.  I can see why Jared is getting good reviews.  His performance was really good and I was kind of proud of him given where he started with Angela Chase and all.  (Not like she hasn't done well for herself too with Homeland from what I hear.)   I go just short of recommending it but wouldn't steer people away from it.  If you want to see what the hype is about like we did, go for it.  You may like it more than we did.

I'm hoping we're able to get some skiing and snowshoeing in today for our exercise.  We've sure got enough snow for it!

Rent any movies lately?

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  1. I really enjoyed About Time and it had a great message in it. The Dallas Buyer's Club was a compelling story in that the main character actually grew as a person more than would have been expected but it was a lot longer than it needed to be. Still there are some Oscar worthy performances in there so it might be worth watching for those of you interested in that.

  2. I'm kind of interested in The Dallas Buyer's Club, but I don't think hubby is at all so if I rent it, it'll be some night when he's having a guy's night. We haven't rented anything at all lately - maybe this weekend we'll find something worthwhile.

  3. I never even watched My So Called Life...but that doesn't mean I'm not a huge Jared Leto fan!!! I like his music and acting equally and you can ALWAYS find at least one 30 Seconds song on my playlist to keep me going! Oh, and Matthew McConaughey is pretty cool too. LOL

  4. Jared Leto is so pretty. Even when his face was bashed in in "Fight Club" he was still pretty.

    Any time I see him I whisper to myself, "Jordan Catalano". I just cant' help myself, he will always be Jordan to me.

  5. Sigh...I'm a terrible movie watcher. I don't enjoy movies unless they make me laugh (don't know when that changed for me, but somewhere along the line it did). I don't like love stories (too predictable) and I don't pay attention to the Hollywood people and never know "who's who". I used to love movies like With Honors, Carpe Diem (did watch that again one night that the name of the movie?) and things like that. Now my hubs can watch any movie and watch it a hundred times without issue. I'll have a book in my hand if I'm watching one at home. We did go to the movies last year for the first time in 5 years and that was fun. Can I share that my favorite movie/book of all time is To Kill A Mockingbird? Not sexy at all, I know, but love that one.


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