Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday reads, y'all!

It is time to see what nuggets of useless knowledge I've obtained this week.

Aka- Ways to make your Friday go faster.

Aka- Oh good, it's time to dork off!


The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The ’80s  (I remember the Mac Tonight ones.  Those things freaked me out!)

Life After Massive Weight Loss: It's Not Always Perfect  (Word)

Why Mike Rowe Doesn’t “Give a Crap” About Your Feelings for Walmart  (I <3 Mike Rowe!  I remember when he was the "host" for the old CD ROM music trivia game Radio Active.  The Mr and I loved playing that when we were teens!)

How to Make New Friends (and Keep the Old) as a Young Adult  (Apparently when you get to  middle age, you should be happy with the few friends you have left and stay in your cave until you move into the old folks home.  I believe these tips apply to ALL ages)

The Best Vegetables for Lazy Cooks Who Want to Eat Healthy 

12 Decorating Do's and Don’ts From Top Designers   (A few good tips in there)

This Table of Exercises Shows You How to Get Fit Without Any Equipment  (Get to work slacker!  HA!)

How Doing What You Love Can Become a Double-Edged Sword  (Sigh...true)

Do You Really Need to Go #2 Once a Day?  (Yes, I'm talking about poop again.  Smack my butt and call me Dr. Oz)

A Teen Beat Star Turns 60: Remembering John Travolta’s Pop Music Legacy  (I lurve me some Travolta)

An Amazing Village Designed Just For People With Dementia  (Courtesy of the Mr)

This Knock-Knock Joke Vine Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today  (OMG, she is SO cute!)

Wayne And Paul From “The Wonder Years” Reunite, And It’s Glorious  (For the Mr.  Pay attention sir, the devil is in the details!)

A Savvy Girl Scout Is Selling Cookies at a Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco  (Smart girl!  Munchies anyone?)

Best. Video. EVER  (If you haven't seen it, watch it.  If you have seen it, re-watch it and shake yo boo-tay!)

Today will be spent doing procrastination cleaning on two bum legs for company tomorrow.  Lucky me!  I see an epsom salt bath in my future and maybe a mini meltdown complete with twitching and crying.  You know when you offer to cook and then you regret offering to cook?

*Raising hand*

  But I don't want to agonize over trying to agree on a restaurant so I'll try to make as much as I can ahead of time.  Then I shall collapse Sunday before starting the whole exercise/planning meals for the week domestic ninja duties thing.

What's on tap for your weekend?

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  1. Yeah I'm looking at the house and all the work to do to get ready for our guests and wondering why we always get ourselves into this predicament where we have to clean and you have to prep last minute. But in the end it's worth it if for no other excuse than to get the house all shiny and bright again. It's worth it, right?

    1. Yeah, I don't know why we do it either but I know I'm sitting here rolling out my feet wondering how the hell I'm going to stand on them TO clean today. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

  2. Hmm, that "Life After Massive Weight Loss" article irks me. But since it's a Yahoo article I shouldn't give it too much weight (yahoo articles aren't known for their quality). My big beefs with it are mentioning the recent Biggest Loser winner. If you sign up to be on a weight loss reality show, then you forfeit your privacy. So if folks critique your physique, suck it up. That's the price you pay for your 15 minutes of reality show fame. (yeah, I have zero sympathy there).

    My second big beef is their mention of Jen Larsen book, "Stranger Here". I read that book and every time I see it written up in articles I wonder if they read the same book I did. The book is pigeon holed as a "fatty triumphs and becomes a socially acceptable size" but what the book really is is Larsen's confession of how irresponsible she was when she decided to get some very serious weight loss surgery (she had the one where they hack out part of your stomach and intestines) and then didn't follow the medical guidelines and pretty much how she was (and perhaps still is) managed to not accidentally kill herself in the process of losing weight.

    (ooh, can you see that book really hits a nerve with me--really, it's a fast read and has a TON of great conversation starters ranging from how weight loss surgery is totally pimped to how publishers are lazy and just want to take blogs and make them into books. . .oh, and the actual story of the author's experiences).

    1. Funny what each person takes from articles. I didn't even remember the Biggest Loser stuff at all because I don't care about that show. It was pretty secondary to me even though it was the jumping off point to start the conversation.

      I focused on “there’s often a psychological aspect that’s underlying somewhere, and just because somebody’s lost the weight doesn’t mean the underlying issues are gone.” I think far too many people think all of their issues will disappear when they've lost the weight and are surprised that a lot of the work they had to do was actually mental and social but blame the physical for those problems. Nothing left to blame when the fat is gone. But more importantly, I related to this: “A lot of times women will say, ‘I can’t believe men hold the door open for me now,’” he says. “And then they’ll say, ‘What was wrong with me before? Was I not human?’” It is absolutely true and it's infuriating. I even have a lot of weight to still lose and am treated completely different than I was 200+ lbs ago.

  3. I'll have to read the articles later, I always like to look at them over the weekend. We've got a junior college basketball game to go to with scouts, and then little guy has his friend coming for a sleepover. Oohhh - I'm on pins and needles. Plus some car shopping so lucky me.

    1. Ooh a sleepover! How fun! (Well, it always is for the kids, I don't know how parents feel about it! LOL) Ugh, car shopping. Don't even get me started. Just picked up the car yesterday after a wasted service trip. Apparently my dead battery is an enigma because it was perfectly fine there so no replacement. Hey, Hyundai, maybe if you didn't use piece of chit parts (battery and tires) your cars wouldn't suck now!! We had one in 2003 and LOVED that car. Such a great car. Now we have 2 Sonatas and I'd never buy a Hyundai ever again. They really cut corners big time. So there's my tip. If you like the Sonata look, God knows there are plenty of other brands knocking off the look. Let me know what you end up getting!

  4. This weekend is a bit up in the air. I have to work tomorrow morning and we are planning on going out for our Valentine's dinner, but a lot depends on what I hear from my mom. I got an email from her Tuesday night that her cancer has come back and she was awaiting CT results about mets. I'm supposed to hear from her tonight. I'll be taking her on 3/7 for surgery in the suburbs. I've been in a numb state of shock this week and am trying to hold it together to do what needs to be doing. Having the conversation about my uncle's care is not going to be pleasant, but it needs to be done. So lots of stress, but trying to take it one moment at a time and finding things in every day that give me a good giggle--I need my laughs to keep me going. =o)

    1. So sorry to hear that! Didn't see go into remission not too long ago? Hang in there and I'm here if you need me. Saying a prayer for you both.


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