Monday, February 3, 2014

Music faced and bowls, bowls everywhere

Howdy do all.

Well, another month under the belt...

Even with the full calendar, we did the dreaded weigh was time to face the music no matter how crappy the tune.  All of January we didn't weigh in once because we were pretty sure any sign of the damage we did in December would emotionally kill us.  I'm up 4 lbs from what I started the month of December.  I was hoping to only be up two pounds but whatever.  I noticed it killed my mood for the day so we've decided to weigh in once a month.  We know we're doing the right things, we're going to keep with the plan we have now for the next month knowing what our numbers are now.  Obviously the numbers have the power to control me and I'm not down with getting my Saturday's crapped on every week.  We'll see how it goes and change weigh in's if we decide to but for now, this is how it's going down in our world.  I'd say I backslid to a B- because my water commitment is sliding.  I didn't hit my goal last Sunday and I was forcing it in too close to bedtime.  I also need to take my apple cider vinegar pills.  I wanted to go off the Goodbelly stuff because I didn't want the extra calories and sugar every day but then I forgot to take the ACV to see if I could skip the juice and therefore I only pulled a Mr Hankey twice last week.  TWICE.  In a whole week!  Sorry but them's my realities.

We stayed in this weekend except for the grocery stores (ring a ding) and I kind of wish we would've done something.

While many were watching the football thing, we celebrated our tenth Puppy Bowl.

There were imitators of course and apparently the kitty half time show isn't enough for cat people so Hallmark channel did a blatant rip off.

It's hockey season, why not stick them on a slick surface to mimic ice?  I'd watch that.  Kittens always wig out when introduced to new surfaces.  At least my kitten always did.  I just want originality.
While I'm okay with the cat people having their bowl, the real pisser was this one...

That would be the Fish Bowl or some crap like that.  Why do we feel the need to take a good concept, imitate it, run it into the ground and eventually mock or kill it?   *rolling eyes*  Sorry, it's hormonal week so I have no control what these fingers type.  No offense to anyone who likes the knock offs.  

We also watched Groundhog Day (affiliate link)   of course.  It's so much fun to watch movies where we've been to the filming locations.  You almost feel a part of it now.  

I need to ice my shoulder a bit.  I'm feeling the military presses from my strength workout last night.  

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. While I am disappointed by the weight after the holidays, I am not discouraged because I know we are on the right track and will, in time, get to where we want to be.

    It is so funny to see how all of a sudden other channels are trying to get their own piece of the "bowl" pie. Not even sure what to make of the fish bowl. I suppose it can be relaxing and might be a decent thing to have on in the background of a big noisy super bowl party. But the kitten bowl was just a blatant puppy bowl rip off and it was disappointing to see such a lack of creativity.

    1. Yep. I can feel yesterday's sodium spike today so I need to start downing the water.

      Yeah, I don't know why this year was the year they all decided to jump on the bandwagon but it was a little irritating.

  2. Fish bowl? Seriously? Yikes. The kitten bowl doesn't bother me as much as it bothers you... I mean yes, it's obviously a total rip-off but there are cat people and dog people in this world and I have no problem with both getting their way. Of course I personally would like to see the kitten/puppy/fish bowl on ice. Does that make me a bad person?

    We watch the game. It was awful. Partway through the 3rd quarter I got up and started doing dishes. It was that bad. Saturday was little guy's basketball, then errands and chores, Sunday we went to the pool before the game.

    1. No, it doesn't because I'd watch that too! ;)

      We watched Groundhog Day during the game then watched Twister to honor Philip Seymour Hoffman. We're not high brow so Dusty was always our favorite character he played. But I saw by the griping on FB that THE bowl was a disappointment and embarrassing. I think I'd be ticked if I paid to be there. Well, except for the halftime show. We did watch that. Awesome performance!

  3. And I totally thought of you yesterday morning when I remembered that it was Groundhog Day! I absolutely KNEW you and the Mister would be watching it!! :-)

    1. You know us too well! :-) I almost forgot given it fell on Puppy Bowl day but we fit it in for sure!

  4. We had a somewhat busy weekend after laying pretty low last week, having surgery and recovering from it. Saturday, my best friend (from high school days) was in town from Omaha and she and her husband stopped by, bringing me MUCH food from our new Whole Foods store. I haven't even been there yet! She had my same surgery a year or so ago, with the same doctor, and is also a nurse in Omaha, so aside from her being my very best forever friend, it was good to talk to her about what we both went through in our surgeries. LOVE her! That night, Du's catheter clogged in the middle of the night, and so it was another trip to the ER. I hate to see him in such discomfort, and it is always stressful but the ER personnel is starting to know us and they are very good to us. My nurse friend told me that the patients in her Omaha ER are very rude, and if just one patient tells them thank you, it makes their whole shift. We are always very nice and grateful to the medical personnel there, and made sure to let them know how much we appreciated what they did for us this time. I hope we made their night! I don't know what we would do without them!

    The superbowl was on the TV at our house, but what a disappointment. I ordered Famous Dave's barbecued wings, and chips and salsa and guac from Carlos O'Kelley's for our mini-party (it was son, Du & me), but managed to eat only 3 wings and about 10 chips with various dips, so felt good about the day. My scale continues to rise even though I have basically been eating NOTHING, at least that's how I feel. A week ago today I was on a clear diet prior to surgery, and the rest of the week, had little appetite, so ate very little, and actually managed to GAIN weight during that period. FRUSTRATING! But I'm not giving up. I know IV's can be salty and someone told me they are also calorie-laden, plus I'm thinking that mesh I have inside of me now, is just soaking everything in sight up, and adding to my weight gain. This is a visualization I manufactured on my own, there is no scientific evidence of mesh causing weight gain. I have never experienced this--NOT eating and STILL gaining! We have major snow headed our way tonight, so looks like another week of laying low for me, even though every day I feel better! Since retirement, it is a nice luxury to be able to stay home in bad weather.

    Four pounds isn't a bad gain--compare it to my 20 pounds! I think you are doing great, and you owe a lot of that to the exercise you and the Mr. are so faithful about getting in. GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  5. Groundhog Day is one of my faves as well because it was filmed near where I lived. I've been to that theatre downtown to see my mom's friends in productions--very cool. If you ever watch the movie Lucas, that was filmed at my high school! Many of the extras were actual students (one of the football players was someone I had a crush on from when I was like 7). Lot o' warm and fuzzies with that movie. As for this weekend, drove in a snowstorm, worked 4 hours, drove home with relatively decent roads, then stayed in until Sunday morning. Went to two grocery stores, then stayed home to watch the puppy bowl, the super bowl, then fed the dogs their dog bowls. =o) It was a low-key weekend and I loved it.


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