Friday, October 18, 2013

Why I'm a Prime girl and a freebie offer

I know this is going to sound like an infomercial but bear with me.  I'm only sharing this because I love this service and use it all the time...okay that and I forgot to bookmark the few things I read this week because I'm absentminded like that.  Wah wahhh.

Am I the only one who is just over half done with my Christmas shopping?  I am?  Oh...then I won't tell you that I have the Mr's already wrapped.

*ducking objects being thrown*

I do pretty much all of my Christmas shopping through Amazon.  I have ever since it was a novelty and especially now that it's a mainstay.  I'm also pretty impatient.  Standard shipping is fine but it's 3-5 days from the time it ships.  If you get Amazon Prime, you get upgraded to 2 day shipping on qualifying items which are most things they sell.  For us this is well worth the annual fee ($79) because we use Amazon all year long when we need something or are buying birthday presents and don't want to spend our time out with the throngs.  I just made myself curious, hang on...okay, I'm back.  I placed 32 orders so far over 2013.  27 of them were Prime eligible making shipping under $3 per order!  For a $3 charge not to have to run all over town if one store is out of something and having to go to another location or go back out another time, you can easily waste those 3 bucks in gas.    I'm a big proponent of not wasting my time!

If you don't have it and want to give it a go for a free 30 day trial just like we did initially, click here (affiliate link) to sign up and do your holiday shopping!  Oh, did I forget to mention free streaming of videos and TV shows and instant access to Kindle titles?  Honestly, I love it for shipping so much that I forget I can stream (oops!) but let me tell you when we're on vacation and are bored at night, we remember then!  There are 160 exercise titles that are prime eligible so we don't have an excuse to not exercise while we're gone or if we just want to try something different.  You can also rent popular exercise titles if you want to try before you buy.  I think they're usually $2.  Another benefit?  You can invite up to 4 people to be added to your membership so if $79 isn't up your alley then maybe agreeing to split the cost of a membership for about $16 for all of that between family and friends could be worth it?

As far as customer service, you can't beat them.  I'll admit I have had 99% great experiences with Amazon but there have been a couple of experiences over a decade that have been less than stellar and these were with third party sellers.  Amazon stepped up and immediately rectified the situations and have always taken care of us.  Customer service to a traditionalist like me is pretty freakin' important.  It's a dying practice everywhere else but because of how we've been treated in the past, it's what keeps us coming back.

Amazon didn't ask me to write this and yes, I am a part of their affiliate program.  But I'm just letting you know about the free 30 day trial because the holidays are coming up and who wouldn't want to be done with shipping on someone else and spend your time doing better things?  No strings, just make sure you cancel by day 30 if you don't want it and take advantage of what they have to offer in the meantime!  I lurve Amazon long time, especially this time of year so if you're looking to score a deal on shipping or see if it's comparable to Netflix (obviously they don't carry the Netflix original series), this might be a great way to see if it's for you!

This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.  Should you do the trial, I will get a nominal kickback to help keep this blog up and running.

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  1. I love my prime. So many freebies, the streaming, books, the shipping. Love it all!

  2. $79 is a lot for me, and I can't think of 3 other people that I would want to split with. If I ordered a lot it would be worth it, but for the 3-4 time a year I order something it's just not worth it. The videos and kindle titles would be nice, but even then it's cheaper (for the way I use it) it rent a video if I want to see it, and use check out library books through the kindle.

    I think I'm going to try ordering most of Christmas this year too. I used to always take a personal day on a day that hubby has off during the week and go to the closest city to get it all done in one day, but the last couple years I haven't been able to do that and I'm not sure that I even want to this year.

    The only downside with Amazon for me is that once you give them your payment info, they keep it forever. That means that it's linked to my Kindle Fire too and I can't turn off the 1-click ordering. The last thing I need is my little guy (or me) accidentally buying apps or books. I'd really like to enter my payment information each time and have it wiped from their records in between. Right now they don't have it because my bank switched my debit card a while back and I didn't give Amazon my new info, but the first time I order something from them again I'll be right back in the same boat. I could go buy a gift card, but that's just one more thing.

    Sorry - got a little rambly there. Happy weekend.

  3. I love my prime...Love amazon..

  4. I really like Amazon as well. Here in Montana there's a lack of stores and good shopping so online is the way to go!

  5. I llurve Amazon Prime too. I could usually get the regular free shipping with a $25 purchase, but sometimes I would be adding things to my purchase just to hit that threshold. It's so nice not to have to think about hitting a certain amount, and to get things so fast.

    We didn't use the streaming that much (we do have Netflix too) but I have been using it more and more. Netflix dropped all Nickelodeon and let me tell you what a huge deal that is to streamers with kids! Mine are a little older (not watching BluesClues, Dora) but still like SpongeBob, Ned'sDeClassified, etc.

    Where's your "What I'm Reading"??? Nothing this week? *Ü*

  6. I am a huge Amazon Prime fan. Not only is it great for all the random things I buy but I also do subscription buying for some items that I have trouble finding locally.

    I have only had one bad experience - also with a third party seller - and Amazon was a great help.

    I will say that I tried one-click a long time ago and turned it off, so there could not be any accidental purchases.

  7. Crazy timing, I just got my free trial for Prime a couple days ago! Mainly because I just purchased a juicer and wanted it here in 2 days with free shipping! ha! But I love all the extra benefits too!

  8. ... I just noticed that there are a TON of exercise videos available for Prime streaming! Have they always been there? Jillian Michaels (I just recently bought her "No More Trouble Zones" on DVD ... FROM Amazon. Did I not notice I could have just streamed it?) Denise Austin, tons of highly rated stuff.

    1. I think their collection has been steadily growing. Actually I might have to peruse those real quick. I'm getting very bored with our routine and need some new blood!


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