Monday, October 28, 2013

Things from the weekend

We're doing stuff a little different this Monday recap.   I'm here to share this weekend's "things."

Most irritating thing:  Drivers swerving into my lane/cutting people off at the last minute.  This is how 90% of people are driving now and it just makes me want to move to an atoll and learn to spear fish and get Castaway thin.  I know now why the prayer I say for the Mr every morning is necessary.

Cutest thing:  My grandpa had a spreadsheet full of dudes names for some lunch they have every month where they live.  Some people have died, new guys have moved in so the printed spreadsheet was looking rather ragged.  He asked if I could re-type it on my typewriter.  I told him I could do it on the computer.  When I came over to get the list, he had gotten a ruler and re-drew the blank spreadsheet on a piece of paper for me to "type" in on the computer.  ;-)

Newest thing:  A new grocery store opened (kind of Trader Joe-ish) and we went in even though it was packed to the gills and aren't crowd people.  They had some good prices on some things but then really jacked 'em up on others.  Like we pay $2.99 for light Babybel's at TJ's and this place wanted $2.00 more.  I was highly annoyed when we got home and I looked at the receipt and the 2 lbs. of brussels I got from them was $1.00 more a pound than the guy told us.  I know it sounds stupid but I paid like $1.50 more than I would've paid at TJ's and I was headed there later.  I'll try not to hold it against them but list your friggin' prices on a tag or don't carry the item.  Pffft.  On the plus side, the cauliflower I got was so huge I will not likely run out for over 2 weeks.  They also gave the Mr a freebie of some blueberry yogurt the guy in training liked a lot. We'll likely go back.  I found chia seeds in bulk for $4.99/lb over $9.99/lb from Whole Foods so since we're already down that way anyway, I'll be gettin' my chia on.

Saddest thing:  Lou Reed and Marcia Wallace both died and John McVie from Fleetwood Mac was diagnosed with cancer.

Most uncomfortable thing:  James Franco roast I ran across while flipping channels or basically roasts in general.  Everyone is so mean and people look so uncomfortable...not just the roastee but the people waiting to roast that inevitably get ragged on too.  I spend most of my time cringing, gasping and depending on who it is, I am physically unable to change the channel.  Whoever came up with this "honor" should be firmly smacked about the neck and face.

Halloweeniest thing:  Whilst perusing a warehouse for some deals on antiques, we were approached by Waldo with a bowl of candy asking if we'd like a piece.  So what happens when you find Waldo?  Was I supposed to keep him?  Thanks for the Starburst, kid!

Culinary thing:  When we were buying our other brussels from Trader Joe's, a woman was coming out of the back and said she always asks people how they prepare them.  I told her the way I do them most often and she said that sounded awesome.  She said someone told her they do them with brown sugar and butter and another person did them with maple syrup.  I tried them tossed with 1 tbsp of maple syrup before grilling them and they were quite good.  A nice little hint of maple that caramelized into brussels goodness.

What were some things from your weekend?

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  1. There were a lot of good and bad things. I guess it was kind of an interesting weekend. Again. As always, it went by so fast. Back to the grind now...

  2. Your grandpa sounds absolutely adorable! Also, I'll have to check out your brussels sprouts recipe. I'm always looking for new ways to try them.

    1. Yes he is. Well until he went over the instructions with me for the 6th time. "Got it Gramps, list the name and phone number...I think I've got it." ;) I'm looking forward to trying the brown sugar version too and if it's good, I'll get a formal recipe up!

  3. For me it'll be most amazing (but not in a good way) thing - yesterday I cleaned house all day. Got in more that 8000 steps without ever leaving my house. Yep, I was amazed.

    Most fun thing - carving pumpkins

    1. Ooh, girl you were smokin' on that housecleaning! If you ever want to do more...I've got a house available! ;-)

      Yay for pumpkin carving!

  4. ... I find it super frustrating when I get charged incorrectly at the store. I really try to watch during checkout, but it's so complex (especially with so many stores using loyalty cards, where the correct price doesn't show until the end, or "deals" where you buy 10 then get $$ off, again not coming off until the end). I am a deal shopper and often make multiple trips depending on the savings.

    As for the weekend ... TOO many calories in. Should NOT stop for donuts after the boys basketball game, I just can't resist them!

    1. Oh so do I and depending on how bad it the overcharge, the Mr will make a return trip in lieu of hearing me gripe for days. (And when I had him the receipt, keys and bag with the item in it. HA! $27 lunchmeat from the deli in lieu of $2.70 anyone?) We do 3-4 stores based on the stuff we know each store has the better prices on because they're all close to each other and with winter coming up we won't need to stop home to unload in between stops! LOL

      Mmm...donuts. Oops, I either.


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