Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sluggy McSluggersons

Wow...last night's workout sucked.  

Despite walking 38 miles last week which might not be much for runners but for at home dvd'ers like us, it was quite a feat.  Every day we were sore and our hips hurt or my leg muscles were giving me a little grief but I was cool with it because walking just isn't something I do much. It also gave us a false sense that we were doing cardio and honestly except for a few times, it wasn't heart pumping. So you know, why bother using the resistance bands we brought or doing any extra cardio?  The end result?

Sluggy McSluggerson.

We ate an embarrassing amount of food.  That whole mentality of hitting the places we loved before, trying places we missed then being pissed that the places we tried sucked and that sense of entitlement of something better.  Ugh.  We both are so friggin' bloated.  The hollower places like my thighs, the weird dents in my gut and my calves are all puffed up but do you think some of the bulk could go to my deflated boobs?  NOOOOO.

So last night was our first "real" cardio workout since we got back and I thought I was fine through most of it but man it was just like the further along we got the more sluggish we felt.  I felt so heavy.  I mean every punch and kick of this familiar workout felt like lead.  My fat swung different when I'd do speedbags.  Just ridiculous crap.  No, I don't know how much we gained.  We know we're not in a place mentally to hop on the scale.  I think it could really derail us.  We're at a weird point...fragile almost.  So we're giving ourselves 2 weeks to be back on track before weighing in so the bloat has time to get out and we can examine how much actual weight has stuck around.  It ain't gonna be pretty folks.

I'm looking forward to rebuilding our stamina and getting back to feeling like I'm not wading through waller.

Do you feel sluggish when you return to your normal routine after lightening your workout load for a short period of time?

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  1. Sluggish is the best description of it. I can usually jump a bit in my workouts without the gut dragging me down or hurting even with my compression shorts on. I know it takes a few days so I know to be patient but man it is amazing what one can undo in a week.

  2. I usually get sluggish before I need a break. I really phone in the workouts and the whole thing makes me feel like I'm a child being punished for a tantrum.

    I know your pain on the bloat front. My scale claims I gained 4 pounds over the past day. I know it's not all "real" weight but DAYUM, that's a slap in the face.

  3. I feel sluggish all the time. Seriously though, I do know what you mean. It's so hard to get started again once you stop for a bit.

  4. Definitely..Dont check ur weight as yet..as u said get back into ur regular routine and then u will see it wasnt so bad...

  5. Ugh, bloat is the worst. :( My husband I and I have been traveling a lot lately for family functions. We always gain at least 5 lbs of bloat that goes away after we've been home for a while. It's ridiculous. Good idea to not check the scale! It will just make you feel worse.

  6. I totally go through ebbs and flows. Sometimes I feel super motivated, while other days, I just want to plant myself on the couch and be a permanent fixture in my living room. I know you'll get back at it though and rock those workouts! :)

  7. This post cracked me up - because I am gong through the SAME thing! I decided to eat terribly last week when I was home a lot with a sick kid, and didn't bother working out. I didn't just make bad choices, I totally over did it. Yesterday was my "Get it back together" day....I worked out (I did the Biggest Loser Cardio Max 3) and I was really fizzling out towards the end. REDICULOUS!!!

    I'm just pluggin along, Fakin' it Till I make it type deal. :) I have also avoided the scale purposely, my plan is to weigh in NEXT week so I don't get too discouraged. Not sure if I will be able to manage my curiousity, but thats the plan for now.

  8. You know, I've already experienced this with just a few days off I took this past weekend. I finished the 30 day Walk it Off program on Thursday. So I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, so I could start again Monday for the next 30 days. Well, I was a bit distraught by how I felt very winded doing the cardio portion. It was 3 days!! I've noticed that before though. If I go more than 2 days not exercising, it feels like my body forgets it's own stamina. Even looking in the mirror my one arm (that looks like a butt) seemed pudgier (that's been my measuring stick for body changes). It a way it's somewhat discouraging because it makes me feel like I better workout 6 days a week minimum for the rest of my life or else my body is going to betray me and I'll lose the progress I've made.

  9. It's weird, sometimes when I take a break and do easier stuff (like NOT running) when I do run, I do awesome and it feels easier. Other times, it's harder. I am not sure why sometimes it's easy and other times it's hard. I suppose it's normal to go through times where we're more sluggish. My weight fluctuates so much, and it's very frustrating. It's hard to find the right balance for me. When I do a lot of running, like now with the half training, I don't lose weight. I haven't overeaten in weeks, and my weight hasn't budged. It sucks. :(


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