Friday, October 11, 2013

R&R required and what I'm reading this week

I am looking forward to a little relax-say-she-awn.  (Or relaxation for those without the ability to decipher what the hell I was saying in the previous sentence.)

It's been a hectic few weeks and now that holiday stuff is getting ready to gear up for the year, our weekends are going to get jam packed.  The Mr has a huge work project coming up that will undoubtedly make an already stressful time even more so for him.  So this weekend we're just focusing on doing what we want.  (I know, this doesn't really differ much from any other weekend but the focus is going to be on being chill.)  We'll be doing one of many birthday celebrations for the Mr but this one will just be us which I'm looking forward to.  I'm going to forego a weekend recap Monday because I just want the weekend to be ours this time and not have to worry about taking blog worthy pics.  I know you guys understand because you're cool like dat!  I've got a mega hectic week next week so I may not be commenting on a normal schedule the next few posts.  Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to...

5 Inventions That Enhanced Laziness  (I can't believe the remote control wasn't on here!)

Woman Fights Back Against Online Bullies  (I don't know that I personally would want to rehash it all but good on her if she's got the fortitude to bring that attention to herself)

Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?  (I'd like to think we all logically know the answer to this but I've seen far too many people not grasp that a pound is a pound.  Now the SPACE it takes up?  Then yes, that's the difference!  :-)  )

The Best Carbs for Weight Loss

Remodeling 101:  Pop Out Outlets  (Pretty cool!)

What Plus Sized Women Would Prefer to Be Called  (Uh...not this "plus sized" woman.  I think this term is a little too "rose colored glasses" for my taste.)

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List  (I just added a few to mine)

The Simple Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning (But Aren't)

Does Sweating Mean You're Burning More Calories?  (Maybe you're just a sweaty beast?)

Waiting Builds Patience and Leads to Better Decision Making  (I totally agree.  This instant gratification society is not going well)

13 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise  (All great reasons to lift your rump off the couch!)

Hawaii:  Where Milk Can Cost As Much As Wine  (We always cringe when it's time to grocery shop and I never gripe about paying $5-7 less when we're back home!)

Easy Ways to Cut Sugar and Salt from Your Diet  (Great suggestions!)

The Incredible Powers of Nostalgia  (Then I should be a wizard!)

Courtesy of The Mr    (She overacted a bit with the guy but the tables?  Yeah, I'd be outta there!)

We're continuing to celebrate the Mr's birthday this weekend...getting out into nature with no phone, no cameras, not a single luxury and just enjoying our time together.

What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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  1. thanks for the reading material...

  2. I always love your links, both yours and the Mr.s I hope you two have a fabulous semi-unplugged birthday celebration weekend. If your blog posts are any indication, you've definitely earned it!!

  3. I hope you and your Mr have a lovely birthday weekend! You deserve some down time and R&R! I've been battling a fever for the past two days and it was sooooooo hard to work out tonight after work. But I did it. I modified because I was about to fall over. I apparently stretched out the ligaments on the sides of my neck attempting to work really hard at doing curls/crunches and it literally looks like I have marbles sticking out of the sides of my neck (a good Frankenstein look to be sure). I'm in agony, my skin feels like it's been stripped raw. But I'm so happy I did he workout (Day 26) and can just enjoy a night of watching mindless tv. Errands and gift buying are on the docket this weekend...with good rest thrown in there hopefully as well.

  4. My weekend is the opposite. I couldn't sleep again this week, so I was completely non-functional all week long and now I have to work all weekend to catch up. ACK. I hope you enjoy your weekend and relax a little! Or a lot!


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