Monday, February 4, 2013

Re-injury!? Weekend recap

A weekend of mostly ups but one major down.  We'll get the down out of the way.  I think I know how I injured my foot.  They don't call it the "dreadmill" for nothing.  Friday I was excited about re-introducing circuits back into the mix.  I was doing okay, then Moves Like Jagger came on and that is my treadmill song.  This would be the first time I'd been on it since the workout where I said "something is really wrong, I need to go to the doctor!"  I started out slow at 2mph.  It seemed fine.  I slowly increased, tried to see how I felt and maxxed at 2.5mph which was previous speed because that goes with the beat of the song.  I was on it for 2 minutes then moved on to the next "station" in the circuit.  About 2-3 minutes later my foot went into a hellacious cramp and my ankle hurt.  I tried to work it out a bit and later I went on the treadmill for 1 minute on 2 mph to try to work the muscle that is my problem.  (The "push off" muscle that propels you forward)  As the night went on, I knew I'd made a mistake because both feet were hurting and by 4am, my achilles tendon, which hadn't hurt in 2 weeks was throbbing.  Every single pain point that had healed was now back in full force.  I did deep tissue massage which was NOT fun, my spiky ball, stretches and stripped the muscles on the front and side to lengthen and take the pressure off.  The Mr also got back on the 'mill and was on a lot longer than I was and his foot still hurts.  We're getting rid of the treadmill. I'm fairly certain this coupled with hard surface impact HIIT training is what injured me.  It's injuring the Mr and we can't have that.

Now let's move on to our weekend.  The Mr is a sucker for sundaes.  They're his favorite.  When I went rogue and suggested a sundae bar then retracted the idea because it didn't sound good, you'd have thought I shot his dog.  So I said we'd wait until some friends came over so we could spread the caloric "wealth."  Below is the spread...I would like to note there are cherries and banana slices so technically it wasn't all a bust.


Okay, it was but everyone was smiling and laughing.  There's just nothing like a sundae bar to make people feel like kids again.  I was also glad to get the Candy Corn Oreos out of the house because they taunt me.  It was a good night and not just because of the sugar high.  I know I was bitching about gaining a pound Saturday (for no reason!) but this was already planned and I'm not going to eat a banana and celery while everyone else is enjoying themselves.  If I pay for it this Saturday, it's my own fault, I'll take the blame.

Sunday had me assessing my foot to see what my damage was and my calves hurt, my feet were tight but not necessarily painful.  Snow had fallen and it was enough to break out my snowshoes and his skis so off we went.  It was a little stiff at first but we were out there for 2 hours and I felt like my feet were getting the benefit of being active.  My doctors voice rings in my ears "let pain be your indicator" and I wasn't in pain.  Off we went.

Snow freaks

Why hello there lil nuggets!

The sweetest woodpecker.  He was lightly tapping like he was trying to find a sweet spot.
The Mr would swoosh and glide ahead of me then circle back and walk with me for a few before I'd give him landmarks to ski to and come back.  I was a little irritated my heart rate wasn't very high and I had to do almost double to get the same burn...1000 calories.  We might go tomorrow night too if the snow holds out.

We came home, watched the Puppy Bowl (am I the only one SERIOUSLY irritated they injected with their hilljack reality stars from Animal Planet!?), napped, the Mr cut my fruits and veggies for the week whilst I made dinner then I edited some pics while he practiced guitar.  It was a wonderful weekend!

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Man it was a great weekend. A good visit with friends and a wonderful Sunday where we both got to get out there again and have some fun in the snow! Thanks so much for the sundae bar, it hit the spot!

    1. Yes, it definitely was! You're very welcome. Ice cream overload!

  2. I agree. Treadmills are evil. I injured my Achilles tendon last year on one. Treadmills cause an unnatural stride and a harsher heel strike than walking and running on a natural surface. I wish I had done my research before the injury instead of after. Here's a good article:

    1. Treadmills are the worst, I've ALWAYS hated them. But I figured on circuits, I wouldn't be on it more than 10 minutes total MAX so what harm could it do? I found out.

  3. Sounds like you had a great (mostly) weekend. Narrowing down the source of your injury is a good thing, I just wish you didn't have to be hurt to do so.

    Little guy's basketball game, grocery shopping & chores on Saturday. Laundry, meal prep and Superbowl yesterday. I did home-made top your own pizzas - I cut up a selection of toppings and made and rolled out a crust for each person & then everyone topped their own. It was great in theory, but the reality was that between making the dough, cooking the things and clean-up I missed a huge chunk of the game and a lot of the good commercials. Next year I'm just throwing in a couple frozen pizzas.

  4. Im not a fan of the treadmill too..uh-oh on the foot..

    that sundae bar looks yum!! we went bird watching on saturday...and took a ton of pix of the geese...

    love the pix..that woodpecker is so cute..:)

    Watched the game..power outage and all...

  5. It sounds like a fun weekend (um, Sundae Bar?! YES!)--and then the re-injury. :( NOOOO! I hope it's not an actual re-injury & it's more of a flare up instead. It definitely sounds like the treadmill is bad news.

  6. I love that you highlighted the banana and it made me laugh. I'm glad you found out the source of the injury...its really a weird thing! but now you can eliminate it. Loved your picture especially the little chubby birds in the cute!

    We had a bout 20 people over for the Superbowl. Ate a bunch of food, laughed, cheered, and was a fun day.

    Back to work on ME today!!u

  7. Boo on the re-injury but I will pray you have done enough work that it will bounce back quickly and at least now you know what to do to help it along. I still use the treadmill here but I have not gotten to the point where it hurts to do it- if it does- I stop. I have been focusing on the difference between working through pain like arthritis pain and actually feeling it hurt- if it still hurts when I stop- that's not good. Arthritis pain hurts when you exercise it- but the moment you stop the pain stops. We did nothing of note this weekend. Have a good week, Mrs!

  8. I just commented on another blog that I always enjoy a 'make-your-own' party. Pizza, tacos, sundaes, waffles--it DOES make you feel like a kid again.

    Sorry about your foot. I've never had any problem with the treadmill, so I guess I'm just plain lucky.

  9. Sounds like you had a most wonderful weekend with friends and doing things you wanted to do. I am sorry about your foot hurting so much, but I'm thinking you are right on target about the treadmill. If both you and the MR were having troubkes, it's not worth keeping.

    My weekend was breakfast with a friend, a mammogram (yippeee....they said they'd call by 5pm tonight if I needed to come back in and I didn't get a call!!! Can you say R-E-L-I-E-V-E-D?? Now maybe I'll get more than 8 hours of sleep in 3 nights...). Took the dogs to the dog park, dabbled with cooking, and relaxed with a great romance book. Very relaxing for sure!

  10. I'm beginning to think that animal planet seriously wants to be in competition with the Bowl. I know baby "anythings" are cute but they have overdone it! One announcer and a "ref" are enough (and of course the crew).

    Snow shoing & cross country sound like great fun!

  11. How did I miss your post yesterday?? I'm kicking myself--I even had an e-mail reminder and of course your reminder on Facebook. I can only blame my increased age for this complete lapse of THINKING!
    That Sundae Bar looks delicious. Why was I not invited over? I think it's important that we have fun while we pursue a healthier lifestyle and sometimes that includes eating food we don't normally eat. But I can see from your other activity over the weekend you are definitely not reverting to old habits. I also know you allow yourself a high-calorie day every week. I have toyed with that idea. I used to feel super guilty if I would eat a banana or a 100-calorie snack pack in the evening when I did NOT need the extra calories, but have decided I shouldn't feel guilty over a 100-calorie snack EVER! I'm sick of the guilt every time I eat. I want to enjoy my food again!

  12. You know my feelings about treadmills and why. Evil. Diablo. Vicious. lol

  13. I've been out of the loop for a while, but I hope you're feeling better!!! Oh, and thanks so flipping much for putting the idea of a fabulous sundae bar in my mind. That's so totally going to be happening ASAP.


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