Friday, February 22, 2013

Good news and Friday Food Journal

Well I have some news...I am officially cured of my Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome!  I went to the chiro yesterday and the absence of any nerve issues for 6 weeks and the flossing of the muscles that were once bunged up in scar tissue say I beat the part of my diagnosis that scared the crap out of me.  There are some serious horror stories about TTS online and when I beat the 2nd half of this foot issue, I am going to do a series on what I went through so I can give some hope to someone with the same diagnosis.  In my worst depression  over the diagnosis and what I read, I feared surgery that has a moderate success rate, permanent nerve damage and pain that some referred to as a searing ball of fire 24/7.  I am one of the lucky ones and I intend to help others with my story.  As far as pain, yes, I'm still in a good amount of it but we're rebuilding my muscle structure between orthotics (which could still take 6 more weeks for my feet to fully adjust to), strengthening exercises and balance board work to stabilize my muscles to properly support a normal gait.  I have officially been cleared to do any exercise I'd like on a soft surface using pain as my gauge.  I will not be doing plyo but there are some fighter kicks I'm looking forward to doing again.  However I'm on watch for, of all things, walking on hard surfaces.  Based on how bad of a time I had Tuesday after 3 days of walking on hard surfaces, he's working on strengthening a specific tendon to help release the pressure as well as an exercise to strengthen my ass.  Yep, apparently the gluteaus medius (which sits atop your gluteaus maximus so it's more lower back/top of the da butt) has a lot to do with running injuries, screwed up gait (the way you walk) and is typically weak.  So I'll be doing clamshells to strengthen that with every workout and then these one foot stretches just before workouts to help prepare the feet to do their job.  He said these are more "big picture" things but will help in the long run as long as I'm consistent.  So this is good news even though I'm still dealing with a lot discomfort wise.  I think I should be good to go by the time we go on vacay.

But your eyes might've glazed over on that part like the Mr does when I babble about my visits so I'll give you what you came for...the eats.

Sunday was a test recipe that is coming next week.  I think you'll like it, we loved it!  Calories: 326

Monday was spinach chia pasta with a test sauce and a Hawaiian sweet roll.  Recipe will be coming up in March but it was YUMMY! Calories:  684

Tuesday was half of a small fryer chicken with thyme, roasted garlic and bay leaf and roasted small potatoes.  Calories:  624

 Wednesday was fish taco with broccoli slaw and arugula and side of brussels with asiago and 1/2 slice center cut bacon.  Calories:  516

Thursday was TJ's crab stuffed pacific flounder over thai lime rice and brussels.  Calories:  658

We had some dang good eats this week!  I haven't peeked on the scale so I hope the downward trend continues even though my water has kind of sucked.  

Our friend comes to pick up the treadmill today.  The Mr will be sad to see it go but it's going to a wonderful home.  That's all we can ask for.  

Got anything on tap for the weekend?  Eat anything yummy this week?

*I am not a doctor and all information in my blog posts regarding Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome should not be construed as medical advice, only my personal experience as stated in the disclaimer tab.*

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  1. When I think back to early January and how hopeless you seemed, with no way to comfort you really, I am so relieved now to hear you say that your TTS is gone! So happy for you baby! I am so thankful that you found that doctor and I may have to see him myself for my knees at some point.

    It has been an awesome week of food. I have stayed within all my calorie ranges though and I am hoping for a good scale victory again if possible.

    I do hate to see the treadmill go. It makes me sad on a few levels, but truthfully I am not really a runner and while I may still occasionally want to get out and do a trail run, there is no way I can keep running on the treadmill without damaging something so it is the right thing to do.

    1. I shudder to think about the depression I was in early in my recovery. One thing is for sure, I'm definitely reviewing my podiatrist so no one else goes in blind. I know you're bummed about the treadmill but I'd rather see our friend get regular use out of it than our sporadic and injury inducing use. I'm sure she'll let you visit if you want! ;)

  2. I'm glad the worst of your foot issues is resolved. It sounds like you've still got a long haul though with the orthotics. And watch for walking on hard surfaces? Like you can avoid that.

    Not much planned for the weekend. Bowling tomorrow afternoon but otherwise we're pretty much wide open.

  3. Glad you're doing better. I bet all this strengthening you're doing will help you with your workouts in the long run! I also have to look for some stuff flounder. Yum-o! Have a good one!

  4. So glad to hear that your TTS is cured and you're cleared for more activity! I hope the foot feels 100% again soon and that the scale is kind to you tomorrow.

    Your food pictures make me (almost) want to cook at home more. Our schedule lately has been so busy that it's been tough to do a whole lot of cooking, and no end in sight for that. I have a meeting tomorrow morning, a tea that I promised to go to tomorrow afternoon (what was I thinking?!), serving coffee at church Sunday, and a team meeting for the 3-Day Walk on Sunday afternoon. Somewhere in there I need to squeeze in a long run (10+ miles), laundry, cleaning, planning for the week, pay bills, and oh yeah, eat and sleep. Whew--I think I'll go take a nap now!

  5. That IS good news. I'm really glad things are getting better on the injury front. Your food always looks DELICIOUS!

  6. Food looks delicious. Can't wait for you to share some recipes!!!

  7. Congratulations on the great foot news!!! That is wonderful to hear, and a huge relief for you, I know. The menu for the week looked yummy as always.

    I had a super day at work and got a ton accomplished so I had nothing to bring home, don't have to go in tomorrow morning, and don't have anything having over my head for Monday. AND...I'm 15 days pasta free and feeling darn good about that! My new meds are slowly kicking in so I feel very tired, but I did my workout anyway and feel good about that too. This weekend is all about washing bedding and blankets galore. I will be making up the dogs' bed for them (spoiled pups) and am excited to have that clean linen smell throughout the house. Oh yes, and I actually took a day off in March just for me. My first day off since September! Have a super weekend yo! =o)

  8. I'm really happy you seem to be on the mend! It seems you were looking at the possibility of some very scary outcomes. I've been lurking when I can but I've tried to keep up. When I had my foot problem several years ago, I found that I kept re-injuring myself in a location I hadn't even thought of - the shower. Since then I've used a dedicated pair of thongs for the shower and my plantar faciatia (sp?)episodes have been greatly reduced. Don't know if that idea will help you going forward but I thought I'd offer it. Good luck with the foot and I'm looking forward to some more of your recipes! -Arlene


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