Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February, Chiro Visit and Food Journal Friday

February 1st.  How the heck did that happen?  The workout calendar says another month in the books.  I guess even if I had to modify all month at least I still have a calendar that shows me I still worked hard.

I had a good visit with the chiro yesterday.  He really worked me over but got rid of this big knot in the front of my shin.  He said he was very happy to hear I went snowshoeing and am doing the balance board every night.  The fact that I can barely feel my muscles in the top of my foot tense up when I do my PT at home means they're strengthening.  He said the amount of balance in the muscles in my foot have made good strides this week and I'm further along in my recovery than most people who have the same thing.  I think he credits my being a good girl and doing my exercises/stretches at home for the speedier than most patients recovery.  This is why if you have an injury and want to get back to it, you must follow their orders and do what they tell you to do on your own.  I still have issues and I still have to move up to the final level on my orthotics (likely today) but last night I did Powerstrike and I didn't have to modify it!  I was so happy!

Today we have to clean because we've got company coming tomorrow.  We're going out to this wood fired pizza place that has heavenly pies.  We love it there and are happy to be able to share it with friends.  I'm also interested to see what they think of our project.  I can't reveal it just yet because it's taking on a life of its own but there's one final piece to the puzzle and then I'll take pics.  Oh yeah, we're a Puppy Bowl household, no NFL crap in this house!

You want food, don't ya?  Well then, let's eat!

Sunday was BBQ chicken naan pizza and TJ's chipotle potato bites.  Calories 730

Monday was a little Mexican concoction I threw together.  I'm going to make it again on a sunny day so I can take good pics and I'll bring ya the recipe.  Calories:  624

Tuesday was mahi mahi fish tacos with arugula and broccoli slaw and a side of brussels.  Calories: 512

Wednesday was crab stuffed flounder over thai lime rice with a side of peas.  Calories:  610

Thursday was chicken tacos with arugula (or arugula with chicken tacos judging by the pic) with a side of brussels.  Calories:  576

We're watching the weather, snow is supposed to be coming our way again.  I didn't hear any totals but man would it be nice to go shoeing again!

What's on your agenda this weekend?

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  1. It is hard to beleive that it's February already. Seemed like we were waking up Christmas morning just yesterday in some ways, but then again January was kind of a long month in other ways. Regardless it is great to see a month's worth of hard work. But most importantly, we have proof that you are getting back on track after the injury. Nothing can stop you!

  2. Happy Friday! I am heading over to Iowa to see my fam tomorrow, so excited, January was a SNORE for me. Enjoy your day!

  3. I'm more than a little shocked to be turning over my calendar today too. What the heck happened to January? An entire 31 days gone in a flash. It seems like there were some very long days involved, but then as a whole it just flew by with nothing to show for it. I have to make more of February.

    I'd love some snow this weekend, but looking at the weather I see that there's not a chance. We've got kids' basketball both days and then we'll watch the Superbowl Sunday. We usually watch even though I can't say that either of us particularly care about the outcome. I'm thinking homemade pizza and maybe wings and a veggie tray. Hopefully some of the people we've casually invited will show up.

  4. Time flies:)

    Good going on ur injury..glad its healing...

    Love the food..wud die for arugula salad and brussel sprouts...

  5. Wah, stop posting about the TJ's chipotle bites! I still haven't had a chance to go to TJ and look for them & it's tormenting me.

    I'm glad the chiro visit went well and that you're continuing to do better. You seem much more positive about things lately, which is so good to see--I was worried!

  6. Glad to hear your appt went well and you're healing in good time. I'm a firm believer in following the instructions of the professionals. A friend of mine is a physical therapist and she says she can tell immediately if someone has done their home exercises or not and knows when someone is giving her a line of b.s.

    Met with a friend at Panera's this morning at 7am then headed over to get my mammogram done. Hubs took the pups to the dog park to run and run in the snow. Will be doing house stuff and working on our taxes today while watching it snow outside. Tomorrow is watching the game and trying out some nice recipes.

    Enjoy your weekend and time with your friends!

  7. That plate of arugula chicken tacos and brussels is making me droooooooooooooool!!! I'm also glad to hear you are doing much better!


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