Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Hey Tenderfoot!"

Points if you knew I was quoting Clark W. Griswold in the title.

I'm taking steps to take my healing up a notch.  Yesterday the ultrasound therapy wand arrived.  The Mr saw good things about how it can speed up healing so we figured we'd give it a go.  After doing a session before bed last night I can happily report that I had a 75% improvement in the nerve firings I have experienced the past few nights which enabled me to finally sleep!  I don't know what to read into that but I'm encouraged which is more than I've had for 2 1/2 weeks, so I'll take it.  I also strained my right hand doing free weights the other night so I'll use it on that too.  Don't worry, I read the instructions, I'm using it responsibly.  I'm not going to go around doing party tricks with it for others.  If it does a good job on me, I might see if my mom wants to try one out for her knee issues though I don't know that it helps bone on bone issues but anything that could help her knee pain is good in my book.

Sleep has been sketchy at best due to my feet and legs kind of firing these impulses.  I don't know if that's a sign of healing or not but I have an appointment with a chiropractor this morning.  It has really scared me so I wondered if maybe I have a pinched nerve in my back since I've had morning lower back pain for quite a few years.  I usually just attributed it to my weight and I'm certainly not thin by any means but I was hoping it wouldn't still be a 3 hour pain in my butt (lower back) with 215 lbs off of my frame.  So I go in for a consult and depending on how much he says the Foot Leveler inserts are, I'll at least get my feet scanned for custom orthotics.  I need to get my body realigned correctly and I'm praying those inserts are my God send like they were for a reader who suggested them.  What I like about them (from what I can see) is they appear to be softer than the hard orthotics I've seen.  I tried those and I couldn't even walk a few steps in them because it shot pain up my legs.  These support the three arches you have in your foot and have little grooves and valleys to help align everything, see...
So I'm going to discuss which he thinks would be better for faster healing, these orthotics and my continued ultra sound therapy or the OTC insoles I bought and the laser therapy they offer.  I'm not sure I want an adjustment or he'll even think I need one. (Though when you were over 400 lbs for like 5 years and now you're not, I have to imagine I'm somewhat outta whack but the thought of being adjusted terrifies me.)

I'll report back how it goes and what his thoughts are on all this jive.

Have you been to a chiropractor for a foot problem?  Other issues?

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  1. The ultrasound already sounds promising. That is great! Good luck with the appointment and hang in there sweety!

  2. You're darn right. Losing all that weight definitely changes the way you carry yourself. If you had an alignment issue at your highest weight and your body was compensating for it (by you learning to stand a certain way, etc) then that's really going to rear its ugly head as you lose weight and your body has to figure out how to address the existing problem on the new, smaller body.

    You could very well have an issue further up the leg (or hip/back area) that's aggrivating (if not causing) your foot issues.

    I know it freaks you out, but don't let your fear of an adjustment keep you from helping yourself and being more comfortable in your body.

  3. Good wont be too bad...and usually they put a hot massage pack on your back and adjust a bit if needed...It did not get worse for me but it did not do wonders either...but as I said dont be scared, it will be fine...

    Those foot inserts look interesting.. i have been looking for some too..when I workout regularly, my feet tend to get worse..stupid flat foot. have to figure it out...

  4. Due to the time difference I'm guessing you're already there. I posted my thoughts/experience on Spark yesterday so I just hope you appt goes/went well.

  5. Yes, I've been to a chiropractor for a foot problem. He prescribed expensive orthotics for me which did not help. HOWEVER, I was pregnant at the time, and as a doctor friend of mine says, there are three types of bodies: male, female, and pregnant female. My foot problem went away when the pregnancy did.

    I hope you find some real help today with your pain. Looking forward to hearing about it!

  6. Want you to know - adjustments feel great. Go with it. Relax and let the healing begin. Your body is adjusting from the huge change it's gone through. tell me more about this wand. I think I could use one for my chronic pain/arthritis/pinched nerves in my neck and shoulders!!! PS - I got orthotics and they hurt so much I threw them out!!!! Was hoping to relieve the pressure on bunions. No go. But with weight loss, my feet got smaller, which helped a LOT.

  7. I used to see a chiropractor regularly, for back pain associated with long hours in front of a computer, and holding my tension in my neck and shoulders. I had better luck when I had a therapeutic massage before the adjustment, as I was too tight for him to adjust me without pain otherwise. Losing the weight has been of even more use, as the back pain doesn't manifest now.

  8. Oh dear.. I had a long reply typed out.. and then something happened and it all disappeared! (don't worry, it was me, not your blog!)

    Anyways, I went to a foot doctor as a teen and he told me the reason why I tended to wear out the left side of my left shoe, was because my right leg was longer than my left. So my left foot overcompensated by turning. He recommended really pricey inserts, which we never bought. I've never been back to see him, because I find I don't have any issues with my feet!

    That want sounds really interesting! When you try it out more you should write a bit more about it, and how it works?

  9. Aloha, Mrs!

    Yay for the ultrasound and sleep! I understand the uneasiness with getting adjusted, but it is definitely worth it. However, there are two types of adjustment that I've been exposed to. One is the regular adjustment where the chiro uses body weight and manipulation and the other is the Activator method. I prefer the Activator method because it uses a "clicker" to gently maneuver your bones. Plus, there isn't any crazy neck snapping.

    Hope the appointment goes well!

  10. I feel your frustration. I really hope the dr helps you out. I threw my back out once and urgent care just happened to have a chiropractor there. She cracked the 'i'm sure you know what' out of me and I kinda screamed because I was so taken off guard. I didn't really know what she was going to do or that they actually crack you like that. I was suprised but I felt so much better after. Its funny how they can just do that and things change so significantly. I know there are chiropractors that use little like vibrating tuning fork things to do the work so they don't actually have to apply that much pressure so I'm sure there are different options. Hope it is/went well! Sending you well wishes...e

  11. Can't wait to hear how it all went. I am not a chiropractor person, but my bestie swears by it and goes all the time! Glad the ultrasound is helping...fingers crossed.

  12. I hope the chiropractor appointment goes well! I briefly worked for a chiropractor and I refused to let him adjust me, so I get being squicked out by it. It IS squicky! But whatever he recommends, I hope it helps you get better quickly, especially in conjunction with the ultrasound therapy!

  13. I adore my chiropractor, who I refer to as Dr. Good Hands. He's either fixed every problem I've had or referred me to someone who could, namely Kenny, the massage therapist. What the local fancy ortho clinic wanted to charge me (or my insurer at the time) $3500 for doing over 3 months, Dr. GH & Kenny fixed for about $300 in two weeks, and I haven't had that problem since.

    I'm glad YOU'RE feeling better. Here's hoping you're truly on the mend!

  14. I'm so glad to hear the wand worked for you! Any relief you can get is a blessing. I'm interested to hear what the chiropractor has to say. My knee issues from the accident cause shooting pains and then itching, but the area is numb so I can't relieve the itch! You're making progress, sweet one!

  15. Happy to hear you are at least getting some relief! I'm so sorry that you have hurt yourself, but your determination is incredibly inspiring!

  16. hi dear, i know this is an old post i am replying to here but i was just wondering if you could tell me what the name of the inserts you are talking about? thanks :-)

    1. At the time of posting it was Foot Levelers which ended up not being necessary. I'm currently in physical therapy for a related injury and the doctor is very happy with the Spenco inserts I got which has rigid arch support but a softer sole. Hope that helps!


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