Friday, January 18, 2013

Food Journal Friday 1/13-1/17

Food Journal Friday baby.  Yep, I'm trying to be good about taking pics of my eats for y'all since some of ya's really seem to like it.  So let's jump in, shall we?

Sunday was BBQ chicken naan pizza and TJ's chipotle potato bites.  It was yummy.  I could eat it every could the Mr.  Calories:  695

Monday was mahi mahi fish tacos with arugula and broccoli slaw and russet potato wedges with 1 tbsp of ketchup.  Calories: 504

Wednesday the poor Mr was stuck at work on a project so I worked out alone then waited for him to get home before making din din.  I made chicken linguine alfredo and brussels sprouts with 1/2 slice of center cut bacon and manchego cheese.  Calories:  710

Wednesday was chili night with asiago peppercorn bread, low sodium oyster crackers and a side of Gas X since I was going to the chiro the next day.  Calories:  553

Thursday was leftover chili with low sodium oyster crackers, parmesan cheese and a side brussels sprouts and 1/2 slice of bacon.  Calories: 641

God that horrid lighting makes me cringe.

Have a great weekend y'all!

What was the yummiest thing you ate this week?

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  1. Some wonderful food this week, thanks to you. I know I am very lucky to have someone who can make even healthier food taste soo amazing. Thank you!

    1. Thanks hon! If you ever forget it, my cousin will quickly remind you what a good "chef" you have at home! ;-)

  2. Now I want some chili. :)

    I'm blogging my yummy meal of the week today! Apple-Cinnamon waffles!

    1. It's perfect this time of year! Heading over to your blog now!

  3. Looks yummy. I'm thinking chili this weekend sometime.

  4. I made a chicken mexican shepards pie last night. It was kind of, throw some stuff together and figure it out night.

    Shredded chicken, black beans, salsa, corn, and a little bit of cheese on the bottom, topped with cornbread and baked. Quite tasty!

  5. Yum I would love some Chilli now..

    I havent cooked in a while coz my mom is enjoying good veggie dinners...and lunch sticking to paleo..

    My fav dish of the week is a bitter melon stuffed with chick pea flour and spices and yum!!!

  6. I saw a creamy mushroom wild rice soup recipe (from Oh My Veggies I think) and made that. SUPER yummy. I could make soup every day. I was thinking of trying to make a ruben soup this weekend (or maybe fish tacos now that you mention it). We'll see how that goes. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ahh yes, I'm wanting to make Kiersten's soup too. So glad to hear you liked it.

  7. I'm sure you've given the recipe below and I've missed it (I'm a recent reader. Loving your blog!) but could you share your recipe for the bbq chicken naan pizza? Looks like it'd be a winner in our house. Thanks :)

    1. Thanks for hoppin' on board Jenn! Here's the recipe for the BBQ Naan Pizza.

      1 Trader Joe’s Tandoori Traditional Naan
      3 oz Trader Joe’s Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast, cooked and shredded
      1 oz sharp cheddar cheese, shredded or crumbled
      1 1/2 tbsp Trader Joe’s Chipotle Hummus
      1/8 cup green onion, cut
      1 tbsp K C Masterpiece Brown Sugar Hickory BBQ Sauce

      Preheat oven to 400 degrees
      Put one piece of naan on a cookie sheet
      Spread 1 1/2 tbsp of hummus on the naan bread
      Top hummus with cooked shredded chicken
      Put on 1 tbsp of bbq sauce
      Sprinkle green onions on the chicken
      Top with shredded sharp cheddar cheese
      Cook in oven for 10 minutes
      Cut in half, serve and enjoy!

    2. That is so awesome! Looks fab thanks a mil! We don't have trader Joe's in Ireland so I'll have to make some subs ... thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Asiago Peppercorn Bread sounds amaaaaazing! I need to do a BBQ [something] naan pizza too. It sounds crazy good and naan totally makes the best pizza crust.

    I hope you have a good weekend!


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