Friday, June 8, 2012

Food Journal Friday 6/3-6/8

You ever have one of those weeks you can't decide if it was stressful or relaxing?  Lots of stressors but thankfully I had the back lanai to enjoy in the decent weather before it gets stinkin' hot.  The Mr is stuck working from 6pm-2am tonight and tomorrow but at least it's at home but still it never goes in the windows allotted, I'm sure he'll get some random calls in between.  Trying to be optimistic.  We have a super busy week coming up too so I'll need to do a lot of planning to stay on track but I'm up for it.  But that's not why you're here...let's eat!

Sunday was a LONG day and we had to workout late so that meant a late dinner and mama wasn't in the mood for cooking much.  So I grabbed a bag of some pasta in lemon sauce with salmon and asparagus from Trader Joe's that we bought like 2 months ago and hadn't gotten around to trying.  It was good!  Nice for a quick meal and all stuff you can pronounce!  I steamed up some brussels sprouts and the Mr said he noticed I'd pulled the bacon and he must've come a long with the sprouts because if that's how I'd intro'd them to him, he probably wouldn't have gone for them.  Duly noted.  Calories:  489

Monday I grilled up some sea scallops with garlic and pepper and laid it on a cozy bed o' quinoa duo with zucchini and sqaush.  Calories:  530

Tuesday was Mexican night.  I did chicken tacos topped with arugula and a side of mini chipotle potato skins.  Man that was good.  I want that again.  Calories:  664

Wednesday we satisfied a craving that hit after passing a BBQ place that stuck with us all week.  So I made a beef roast and put 3 oz of it on 2 Kings Hawaiian dinner rolls with 1 tbsp of BBQ sauce and grilled up some asparagus which the Mr proclaimed was perfect.  Score.  I also had a pineapple papaya smoothie to help break stuff down with the meat.  Calories:  536

Thursday the calories were low during the day so we could afford a bigger dinner.  Naan pizza with 3 oz of beef roast, edamame hummus, bbq sauce, red onion and lacy cheese.  I think I like the chipotle hummus on pizza better but it was still good.  I properly grilled up some brussels with bacon for the Mr. Also has a pineapple papaya smoothie with dinner Calories:  850

Tonight was a quickie while getting the Mr ready to fuel through his evening work.  6 oz of steamed salmon with lemon juice, garlic and pepper over a bed of spinach and carrot polenta.  Calories:  460

Calorie average for the week:  2114
Calories burned during "formal" exercise:  4505

REALLY hoping for some love from the scale tomorrow.  Cross everything you have two of for me!

Anyone got any plans for the weekend? 

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  1. Let's see, weekend plans. I am going to work until noon tomorrow and then if I can wear tennis shoes over the huge blister on my heel I will be walking in a flag day parade in a town 30 minutes away from here in the 90 degree plus humidity. Sunday I will be recovering from the heat stroke and laying low. LOL


  2. My favorite is the Naan Pizza, it loks amazing! I love that you call it the Lanai! I just went to a restaurant where they called the "thingy" a Lanai too!

  3. Your quick bbq sandwiches turned out great! What a good idea. And only 536 calories for the whole plate! Wow.

  4. Hoping the scale shows you some major lovin' this morning!!!

    Your food looks phenomenal. You know how you have a special chef in Hawaii that you like to cook for you, I think I'll book you for my special chef! What are your rates so I can start saving now?? :)

  5. Chipotle potato skins? RECIPE PLEASE! Those sound like a great summer side to go with a burger or sandwich. I hope you have a fabulous weekend that's relaxing, not stressful. ;)


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