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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No patience for this

The first 2 days of this cold really have taken it out of me.  Sore throats are just like the worst to me, followed a close second by extreme sinus/ear pressure and a close third of losing your sense of smell/taste.  Basically the whole thing sucks but those are my biggest irritations when I have a cold.  Thankfully the sore throat is gone.  There is just nothing that will make me feel more sorry for myself than having a cheese grater stuck in my throat every time I swallow.  If I had a dollar for every tissue I've used, I could buy a car.  I do not enjoy playing the nose trumpet in the Honker Sonata.  I did the Mr. a favor and slept on the couch Sunday night so he could get a good night's sleep.  He said he was but I could hear him stop snoring when I'd cough or blow my nose so I knew even if he didn't remember waking up, his body would.  I got these weird feelings when I stumbled down to the pitch black living room like there was something in there with me.  I think I might have watched Celebrity Ghost Stories that night or the night before.  :-)  At that point, I didn't care.  The poltergeist could've picked me up and thrown me against a wall and I wouldn't have cared.  This is assuming it didn't get a polter-hernia trying to lift me but it would serve it right.

I've worked out every day and that's basically been the most activity I can muster for the day.  I have been trying to not take anything for as long as it's comfortable.  I'm popping my ibuprofen 90 minutes prior to workouts, I'm doing the neti pot 3x a day, popping my 500mg of vitamin C to reduce duration (it does nothing to prevent it) and the past 2 days I ate the homemade chicken noodle soup I just froze.  I originally froze it for The Mr. but apparently I must've known I'd need it.  When I could taste it, it was good, it just stinks I couldn't taste it when I had it.  I'm getting antsy though, I just want to be better like, oh, now.  But this is the girl whose colds lasted 10-14 days.  Since doing those things during my last cold, I was able to cut my cold length in half so I'm praying for the same thing.  I have a road trip with a friend to kick off the Christmas season this weekend and I really want to be completely better for it.  I have higher hopes for today since I'm kind of over the traditional hump in my cold which is the first 3 days of misery.  I am going to incorporate the treadmill back in today even if I can't run it, I'll walk to add some extra calories in because I'm not going to hit my calorie burn goal otherwise.  The one thing I notice is my calorie burn is cut by 100-200 calories per workout with this irritating cold and I don't like that.  I find myself getting distracted mid-workout and losing my place.  I'm all business when I'm down there and I hate feeling like I'm screwing it up because my mind wanders or I have to blow the schnoz.  I just want to be done with it already with my weight still on a downward trend.

What are your rituals when you get a cold to make yourself feel better/reduce the duration?

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  1. When I get a cold I just try to sleep as much as possible. Then I have hot showers and change the bedding a lot. Might not help, but sure feels like it. :)

  2. I tried zinc once - but it just made my tongue feel weird.

    I start taking Emergen-C as soon as I feel symptoms coming on. Like you said, it doesn't prevent a cold but I really do think it shortens the duration. I try to sleep, but if I can't breathe I can't sleep. Hot showers for the steam.

  3. Hope you are over the crud soon! Oh, and don't pass it along to me, okay? :-)

  4. Ugh, I hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. Oregano oil!!!! hubby and I and the 16 yo dd warm up 6 oz of water,add 1 T vinegar with mother,2 drops of oregano oil and a smidge of honey(well, I've learned to skip the honey) then hubby sips the stuff(blech!) and I gulp it. But, it works great! the fam has had colds/coughs going thru and I drink this stuff each morning and haven't come down with the yuck yet. Also-oregano oil will cut the duration and severity if you DO catch the bug. It's an awesome natural anti-bacterial/viral/fungal!

  6. Sad :( I'm sorry you feel so sick. I hope it goes away and you are all better for this weekend.

    I like to sleep a lot, drink oj, drink orange pop, eat chicken noodle soup and watch movies. Not that it helps much but I that is what I like to do when I feel crummy. And not that you can do that for too long either but for the first few days anyways.

    Feel better soon! That's an order :)


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