Friday, November 25, 2011

How I know this is a TRUE lifestyle change

Sorry I'm late today but what can I say Black Friday translates to lazy Friday for me.  Anyhoo...

Wednesday night was a close one.  I was running around like a chicken with it's head lopped off and things were taking longer than they should have.  By the time it finally slowed down and we got the Christmas lights up and the things for Thanksgiving as pre-made as possible, it was about 7pm.  We were both SOOO tempted to skip exercise.  We still had a few small things to do but we went downstairs and did our Tae Bo.  We both felt much better for it and I didn't think I was going to burn much but I got 900 calories in.  But the true way I knew this was a lifestyle change was we got up Thanksgiving morning with muscles SCREAMING in pain from the previous 2 formal workouts after getting home from vacation and dreading it we chose Power 90 Original since it's short and sweet and got a 1000 calorie burn on.  I was in such a good mood for a few minutes afterward you know before reality set back in but it was so worth it!  I was able to have everything I wanted and even dinner later on when I got a little hungry.  For the first time we even went on a walk after dinner with some cousins.  It was really hot in the house so the cold felt nice and it helped get the food moving instead of sitting like a lead balloon.

I know for most of our lives we never exercised on days surrounding holidays much less the holiday itself.  But if it's a normal exercise day for us, it's getting done.  I am so thankful for that.  It puts me in a much less stressed state of mind even taking that 30-40 minutes for myself to focus on ME and not everything else that needs done.  Speaking of which, I have a Turbo Fire 55 calling my name and a Christmas tree asking to be put up before a holiday concert tonight.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Do you exercise on holidays or allow yourself a 'skip day?'

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  1. I've decided to make the Turkey Trot part of my Thanksgiving traditions. As far as Christmas... Christmas Eve will definitely see some exercise, but more than likely Christmas day will not. News years eve will be sweat soaked, and on new years day, I'm tentatively scheduled for a 5k to start the new year off right. I guess it doesn't matter what the day is, you just need to get it done!

  2. I got a good calorie burn in with scrubbing floors (my hamstrings are still screaming) and we took the dog for a long walk on Thanksgiving morning. That was nice before the madness set it. It felt good to be out in the cold!

  3. Well done on the workouts!!

    I have days planned for restitution, but if they don't fall on holidays - I'm going! :D

  4. I had that moment of truth myself on Thanksgiving. It was a pleasant afternoon (the sun had finally come out) and I went for a walk, not only to get some fresh air but to remind myself not to overdo it at dinner. I did pretty well with my dinner choices and after I was done eating, I went for another short walk to work off the not so great choices. That really is a change from my old life!!

    Everyone liked the pumpkin pie-lets! There was a request for me to make more; happy to oblige. Every year I try to find something new that's healthy and I haven't heard anyone screaming yet!! (Actually I don't think anyone even notices that they're actually eating healthy food!!)

    Black Friday: I drove past the stores and laughed; does that count??

  5. hmp- Great job on the turkey trot! I'm so proud of you!

    dal- Housework SO counts just like yardwork because you know when your hammies are screaming that you didn't do no baby workout!

    Maren- Thanks! I hear ya! I think we're flip flopping Christmas Day/Cmas Eve's workouts so we can enjoy the holiday. We'll only do it if we need to work off some family stress! LOL

    Kathi- Isn't it wonderful when you realize that you CHOOSE better for yourself not because it necessarily needs to be done but because you want to take the time for yourself? YAY so glad everyone liked the pie cups! They are so cute and perfect and YUMMY! We just finished off our pie yesterday and I just adore the flavor the gingersnaps bring to it!

  6. You guys are seriously AWESOME!!!

    and YES - holidays are the perfect day for working out...I like earning the food I'm going to eat! :-)


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