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Monday, November 14, 2011

Lesson learned

We had a day out with a friend out of town over the weekend.  My smell/taste is still on hiatus with this cold and I hate that I didn't change my high cal day habits to accommodate that.  All I could think of is that it was a normal high cal day and I wanted what I wanted.  Apparently I forgot that I couldn't taste it.  Now it was a lower high cal day than normal but still I found myself not enjoying a single thing I ate and later wondering "why the hell did I eat that if I couldn't taste it!?"

I guess note to self for any future colds that I shouldn't bother with a high cal day.  Well I didn't really have a choice for the most part because we were out of town but still.  No matter how long you've been at it or how many lessons you learn, there are always more to be tucked away for future use.

Do you change the way you eat when you're sick?

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  1. I tend to eat less, just because I don't feel like eating when I'm sick, but I'm not as careful about what I do eat. I also drink a ton of juices so that probably makes my calorie total higher than it would otherwise be. I generally don't worry too much about tracking/counting for the worst couple of days, but once I round the bend I start in again.

  2. I do change how I eat when I'm sick. Mostly because I'm put off eating entirely, but also because of the taste thing!

  3. My son and I have always said that you could make a fortune, if you could invent a "diet" pill that took away a person's sense of smell, cause then they could taste nothing. You might as well be eating spinach or broccoli, as meat and potatoes!

  4. I do eat differently when I'm ill. About the only sickness I have is a biannual cold *knocks wood* which makes me crave smooth, cool foods like yogurt and hot spicy foods like chili. Since illness usually changes the way I exercise, I have to keep a watchful eye on both calories and nutrition to make sure I'm not over- or under-consuming.

  5. I once knew a lady who, through some kind of illness, had no sense of taste at all, and she was very overweight. I was stymied. If I couldn't taste, I wouldn't be appetite driven. Mind you, I don't think I'd want to live with no sense of taste. But still.

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  7. It depends what kind of sick. If its a cold or sore throat I do take advantaAndorra the situation and drink tons of hot chocolate and ice cream. So my calorie is actually higher when sick.

  8. I do eat differently when I'm sick. Sometimes I don't want to eat, and sometimes I get so frustrated about not being able to taste anything that I'll try to eat something that I really want. It's normally a fail on my part because I can't even enjoy it. I do rely heavily on orange juice or hot tea.


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