Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back to it

We are back from a short but fun filled trip to Memphis.  I'll go more into that next week since I know many people are probably not reading blogs right now...well unless you don't celebrate Thanksgiving then you might be going "where is everyone?  I'm bored!"  I'm not going to say how much I'm up just yet because my system is not used to that kind of sodium or being plugged up with Arcade's heavenly sweet potato pancakes or BB King's delectable pork chops on a typical non-high cal day so I always do a quick weigh in under the worst of conditions and then if we have almost a full week, I count whatever is hanging around as my "true" gain.  Of course this week is a little different since we have an eatin' holiday tomorrow so who knows what the scale will hold.  I won't get up in arms about it until the FOLLOWING Saturday if my body is still hanging on to anything.  I don't believe in going to a place with great regional food and saying "no thanks, I'll have the boiled fish and steamed broccoli with water."  Food is part of the experience.  It's part of life and I'd be a damn fool if I didn't partake in that.  Some people don't subscribe to that philosophy.  Good for them.  They can sit on their moral high horse while I eat a Santa Baby cupcake from Muddy's Bake Shop.

But as soon as we were home, it was right back on the wagon.  I drowned myself in water, ate my "usual" for the weekdays and that was that.  It wasn't always that way, especially on the long vacations for 2 weeks.  We'd come home still in vacation mode and say "we don't go back to work for 3 days, we'll restart then."  Then we'd be so overwhelmed at work that we didn't want to exercise that night because it was a crappy day.  (If only we knew then that exercise was a great stress buster)  Then the next day we'd hem haul around about going down or not eating something up to par for people trying to get back "on the wagon."  Before you know it, a month or more had passed us by and what could've been a temporary gain was firmly plastered on the thighs and gut.  Then depression would set in over gaining and blah blah blah.  Yeesh.  Sounds so foolish now but it's so easy to do if you're not in the right head space.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  (Or Happy Thursday, depending)

Do you get right back on track when you've indulged on vacation?

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  1. Hi! This is my first visit. The food you ate in Memphis seems divine! I have been off the wagon of my diet for about two months. I just can't seem to get motivated. =(

  2. Hi Betty! Welcome! I think we've all been where you are. At some point in our adventure we know what to do, we've done it before but we don't do it or feel a lack of motivation. Honestly, I've never felt motivated. It's just something I knew I had to do because I'd skated by my 20's and early 30's with no health issues but I knew it would catch up with me. (And I wanted to wear something cute one day that didn't come from a big lady store!)

    If you start small, it could be less overwhelming. Work on getting in your water and portion control. When you master that, add exercise. Schedule it like an appt you can't miss. (We haven't missed a scheduled workout in over 2 1/2 because of that!) I think often times we think we need to dive head first back into things when sometimes we need to take baby steps. You can do this! :)

  3. At this point in my journey, I'm all about getting back on the wagon after a Holiday. Don't get me wrong, I REALLY I enjoy all the food and beverage, but I know I have to get back to it the next day. Sometimes though, it makes me kind of nostalgic (sad) because it doesn't seem "as festive" only eating crappy for one day. Even Thanksgiving used to be a 3 day event with leftovers and whatnot. My life is different (better) and I must move forward. I hope you and the Mr have a fantastic Holiday!

  4. I'm glad you are back safely. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

    Getting back into a routine once you fall out of it is one of the hardest things to do.

  5. I try not to get too wild on vacations (or holidays) so I don't have that "back on the wagon" feeling. But that doesn't mean I deny myself treats (or do that annoying holier than thou crap).

    It helps that I have a very crabby digestive tract, so travel gets me all off schedule poo wise and adding overly rich/junky foods only makes that worse.

  6. Glad you made it back safely and were able to enjoy the trip but get right back to it afterward. My philosophy these days is enjoy special occasion and holiday treats in moderation and then keep going. I'm working on a lifestyle change, not a diet, and events will come up that include food, so I'd sure better figure out how to enjoy them without adding 5 pounds or more a year in the process. I don't believe in 'depriving' myself entirely, but I do try to keep things reasonable--and make sure I'm moving enough to help balance things out. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Mr.!

  7. Welcome back!
    I think the hardest part about going somewhere, is getting back into the swing of things when we get home!

  8. I'm with you on travel and eating. It would be morally wrong to go to Cincinnati and not have chili (Skyline) or Montgomery Inn for barbvecue. Or to visit the Gulf Coast and not have seafood and a donut. :)

    I hope if you're ever in Memphis again we can arrange a meet-up, however brief. I would *never* turn down an opportunity to visit Muddy's. :)

  9. I'm right there with you! I can't wait to have some yummy food for Thanksgiving! I used REAL CREAM and BACON!!! I think it makes the holiday extra special :)


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