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Friday, April 28, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #17

Howdy do all!  It's finally Friday and we're super excited because...Friday.

We have a lot to do this weekend so we'd better get to it.  While we're getting shizz done, how about you jump into...

Grilled, Baked & Cedar Planked: 7 Easy and Delicious Salmon Recipes  (Yum!)

How to Secure Your Online Accounts By Revoking Access From Third-Party Apps  (It's time to do a little social media lockdown, yo)

This Body Positive Advocate Wants You to Stop Striving for the Perfect Angle  (I don't really "do" selfies unless forced but yeah, I know that feeling when you look and accidentally hit the button and yell "AHHHHHHH!")

A Flight Attendant’s Jet Lag Survival Guide  (Wish we would've had this last year!)

22 Celebrities Reveal How They Feel About Not Having Kids  (I once had someone who has three adult kids say to me "who is going to take care of you when you're old if you don't have kids?"  I said "uh, do you seriously think your kids are going to do that for you?"  "Touche.")

50+ Clever Things You Can Do With Old Clothes  (Some cute ideas)

Sweet and Easy Romantic Gesture to Show Your Spouse You Care  (Very true!)

4 Ways to Detach From Work and Finally Enjoy Your Downtime  (Doing that as you read!)

Chris Pratt ‘Officially’ Weighs In On That ‘Jurassic World’ Theory  (Dude, this would be AMAZING!)

Robert Irwin Talks About His Uncanny Resemblance to Dad Steve With Jimmy Fallon  (That is seriously freaky!!!)

The Real Pirate Of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp, Just Surprised Fans At Disneyland  (I love when he takes Jack on the road.  If he'd like to come on over this way, I wouldn't be offended!)

Oreo Just Launched Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches  (Well... sh*t)

Jeff Goldblum Serves Free Sausages To People Because He’s Jeff Goldblum  (I LITERALLY would explode confetti if I was in this situation!!!)

In case you missed 'em this week...

Back to Nature Recap 
Hodge Podge  
Save Time AND Money?  Yes Please!
Prepping for the Season  

I've decided we need to do a full house cleaning this weekend...the Mr just got that memo as he proofread but mama is tired of the house looking like squatters live here.  We'll likely get out for a few hours but it'll only take a few hours to get the place lookin' spiffy.  Tis my only to do for this weekend!  Got some fun stuff coming up next week including a new feature.

What are y'all getting into this weekend?  (I hope it's more fun than deep cleaning!)

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  1. I'm up for the house cleaning and ready for the weekend. Happy Friday all!

  2. Love the reads - and Robert looks just like his dad!! What wonderfully poised, brilliant, funny, respectful kids their mom raised! I'll take one of those baby bears....and a lobstah roll...

    Have a GREAT weekend!! We are expecting some fab weather finally so I'm planning to get out and enjoy it tomorrow.

  3. Holy smokes, Robert Irwin is the spitting image of his dad! Wow. And Oreo peanut butter ice cream sandwiches? The hubs will be AAAALLLLL over that!

    Was supposed to cut the lawn today but of course it rained -- and it supposed to rain all weekend so it'll need to be cut twice next week....grrr.

    Need to get to the suburbs and get a bunch of errands done here, including scheduling my car for thousands of dollars of repairs for computer crap issues. Gah! And if I have anything left in the tank, I, like you, need to do some serious cleaning around here. I feel like it looks like a store warehouse that went out of business and only the leavin's are left in the back room that no one knows what to do with. It's grand. LOL

  4. Overseas flights. Regardless of before or after 11am, we stay up when we land and go to bed at bedtime in the new/current location. And then we are fine. Also totally agree not to even look to see what time it is at home, we live in the time we are in.

    This applies to day light savings time changes in USA too. I change clocks in the afternoon/evening before I go to bed and then we just pay attention to that time, when we get up the next day, we do not compare to what time it was the day before. And no lingering effects.

    I really enjoy these collections from you each week. Nice diversity.


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