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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Current Easter Crushes

Hey, it's been a while since I've told y'all what I'm crushin' on!  Since there are so many Easter things I'd love to have and not enough space to store them, let's go window shopping!

First stop...Pottery Barn.

This Bunny Basket Small Serve Bowl makes me want to host Easter...almost.  Never mind.

It really just makes me want to grab a few bags of those Ferrero mini hazelnut eggs  (affiliate link) we're obsessed with, fill the basket to pretend "guests" would eat them and then polish them off so they wouldn't "go to waste" Easter night in shame.

Let's hop over to Williams Sonoma.

I literally screamed when I saw these Damask Bunny Silicone Spatulas.  That first spatula...I die.

There's also this Nordic Ware Mini Easter Bunny Cakelet Pan.  The little bitty bunnies are just too adorable!  Look at 'em all curled up like that just waiting to be made into cake!

Am I the only one who wants to make red velvet cake, dump white chocolate ganache over the top and wait for the screams of horror from the family children when they bite into them?  Hey, I'm just honoring Aunt Fern's armadillo cake.  What??  (Points if you got the reference)

Time to head over to Sur La Table.

I am in love with this adorable Easter Bunnies Kitchen Towel!!  Bunnies on scooters?  Yes please!

I could put it in the drawer with my 73 other well-intentioned tea towels I couldn't live without!

OMG, look at this Easter Chick Child’s Mug!  I wouldn't use it for drinking but probably as a small vase for tulips or something.

Anyone else think it resembles Henrietta's boy chicken on the Foghorn Leghorn cartoon?  Crap...just dated myself.

Do you decorate for Easter?  Do you hoard tea towels?

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  1. I can see why you like all those things. I wish we had a bigger house!

  2. The spatulas and cake pans are adorable. I love the idea of the red velvet cake inside. Aunt Fern would be proud.

    I though the exact same thing about the cup, so I guess we're both dated. That would be cute with some tulips in it.

  3. I wish I had more storage too! I love all these things - except I don't think I could eat those cute bunny cakes....just too cute. Steel Magnolias - one of my faves. And weren't we lucky to grow up with all those great cartoons??? I kinda feel sorry for the kids today - they don't know what a really good cartoon is!

  4. Oh! Yo! Mad Foghorn-leghorn reference!!!

    **tee-hee **

    I know it's a cake pan but my first though with the bunnies was they'd be big enough to make a cherry covered chocolate bunny so you can bite the head off and suck out the innards. Is that Aunt Fern enough for you?

    And no, I'm not an unbalanced maniac, although I do sometimes play one in the kitchen. I've make feet loaf and a bleeding monster cake for Halloween, among other gory greets. Now I'm thinking I should do bleeding bunnies next year!

  5. Just darling! Those spatulas...squeal!!!! All of these things are just adorable. I used to decorate for Easter but haven't in a long time. I did put out my Easter flag though and can see if from the office window -- it's wrapped around the pole because we had snow/rain today with wicked winds. The Easter Bunny is NOT happy about this I'm sure. He'll need to swim to the houses to drop off eggs at this point. LOL

    Ah yes, tea towels. Have a container full of them because I'm afraid to use them and stain them. What is the point of having them then I ask. Still have no answer on that one. =o)

  6. I do decorate for Easter (as I do for most holidays), but....I have nothing as cute as what you've featured today and I want it all!! NO, I'm trying to downsize/declutter, but man is it tempting!!


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