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Friday, September 18, 2015

Last What I'm Reading This Week of the summer

It's been kind of a draggy week so I'm happy that the weekend is finally here.  (Who are we kidding, I'm glad to see the weekend regardless as I suspect you are too!)

I've got no good segue so let's just get to...

5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough for Your Exercise Routine  (The Mr keeps yelling at me that I'm not eating enough.  I have tried to up my calories but it's soooo hard for me!)

19 Awesome Dessert Hacks  (#9... mind blown.  Of course half the fun was getting your fingers wet or drinking the clump from the bottom.)

Late Dad Makes Stunning Appearance in Photo With Widow, Baby  (Get out the tissues)

14 Exercises to Offset Sitting All Day  (Trying to envision people doing even half of these at work)

18 of The Best Fall Festivals to Celebrate the Season  (Road trip!)

Fox Village In Japan Is Probably The Cutest Place On Earth   (Soooo cute!)

What Exactly Is Integrative Medicine?  (Good info on how to break down new medical terms)

Duran Duran is back with Paper Gods  (This is an EXCELLENT video piece for Durannies)

What It Would Be Like If People Were Honest on "House Hunters"  (SOOO hilarious!  "This is a good little guest room when our friends come to stay every 5 years.")

The Most Scenic Drive in All 50 States   (Hop in the car!)

10 Things You Should Never Touch on a Plane  (I never touch any of these until after I've Clorox wiped every one of them.  Except the carry ons, I didn't think of that so Lysol to go in the 1 oz pump spray is now on the list!)

Which San Francisco Neighborhood Are You?  (So glad I got Pac Heights which is the area we stay in when we go!  The Mr got Sunset which makes sense too.)

Tom Mison Details Season 2's Demon Crane 'Chaos' — Plus: New Season 3 Photos  (Sorry, I'm drooling, go to the next one.)

13 Facts Every Tea Drinker Should Know  (Good tip with the milk!  Plus it will help me feel more English)

Parents Have Fun With Selfies at Daughter's Expense  (This is hilarious especially since their daughter thinks she's something special.  Note your parents pics sweetie, that's how ridiculous you look as well.)

Why the IUD Didn't Work For Me   (I'll skip it, thanks.)

A TV critics apology to Ken Jeong  (I have serious conflicting feelings on this, a blog post is likely to follow)

Why Your Attitude Might Be Sabotaging Your Health  (Trying to wrap my head around some of it)

Super cute Halloween party appetizers  (Love those deviled eggs!)

25 Brilliant Ways To Eat More Apples This Fall  (#12 all the way!)

The Crazy, Fabulous Story Behind 'To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar'  (Some great dishy behind the scenes stuff!  You won't believe all of the leading men who auditioned for Patrick Swayze's role of Vita.  This movie is so underrated and one of my guilty pleasure movies!)

We're road trippin' this weekend.  I'm hoping perhaps we'll be going to find some leaf color change because it ain't happenin' in my neck of the woods yet and hello, Fall is Wednesday!  In case I haven't said it 20x this week...I'm ready!

What are y'all doing this weekend?

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