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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baker movies times two

I noticed that Robin Williams last movie, Boulevard, came out last week.  I wanted to give myself some time to prep for it emotionally.  I still find myself getting misty of his absence from this world.  I also saw that The Age of Adaline was out so the Mr grabbed that as well.  Two movies that had the potential to throw me into a teary fit.

Luckily I only shed a few tears during the second one and they were happy tears.

Here's my two cents on them.

Boulevard(affiliate link) (Robin Williams, Kathy Baker)- This was a good indie flick but I wish it wasn't his last.  I think the subject matter may be a bit much for many to keep an open mind about and some wouldn't give it a chance.  Williams of course conveys so much with his eyes and facial expressions that he kills and captures your heart at the same time.  But if you take the fact that he's in it out of fell flat for me.  He did the best with what he was given but it was slow and just felt like despite really trying to build a back story, they didn't.  Some people were poorly cast and made you not really care much about their involvement.  Again a great performance by Robin but unless you're a fan of his, I wouldn't necessarily rush out to see it.

The Age of Adaline(affiliate link) (Blake Lively, Harrison Ford and surprise, Kathy Baker)- I don't want to say I was trailer duped but I feel like the lead of Adaline was poorly cast.  She didn't make me care much about her plight and the person she was dating most of the movie didn't do it for me either.  However, Harrison Ford did a spectacular job as did Ellen Burstyn and their performances alone are worth watching.  The narration in the beginning and end kind of cheesed it up for me and I wanted to laugh.  I think the story was a good one but I would've re-thought the leads.  I have to say one of the biggest stars of the film is San Francisco.  It was beautifully shot and I found myself looking at VRBO by the end of the movie.

Rented any movies lately?

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  1. I liked both movies but I agree the Boulevard probably isn't most peoples' cup of tea. I really liked Adaline a lot aside from some of the corny narration which was only there in stints anyway. Harrison Ford was the standout in that one of course.

  2. I will probably rent the Boulevard but I'm not really interested in the other one. I haven't rented anything in a while, but I may this weekend. I'm hoping to have some downtime then, these last couple weeks I've felt like I'm on a treadmill going nowhere really really fast.

  3. Blake Lively is just a "blah" actress for me as well. I don't think she was a strong enough person to carry that lead role. Thanks for the review!


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