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Friday, January 31, 2014

Links to help your Friday go by quickly

The weekend is here!  Woo hoo!

I've been perusing a lot of schtuff this week so let's get to...

What To Do With Your Free Samples: 6 Clever Ideas  (You can also donate shampoos and such to women's or homeless shelters)

The Celebrity Voices Behind These Cartoons Might Surprise You  (Wow, 80's/90's cartoons had some famous voices!)

Buy these 15 things at a dollar store  (We are fascinated by the dollar store now.  We only started going last year)

Twin Brothers Put Diet Crazes to Ultimate Test  (Interesting experiment)

Weatherman "Nut Shots" Would Be Attacker  (Even if you've seen it, it's still fun to see it again.  Nut shots=funny as long as you're not the one on the receiving end)

Why Myrtle Snow Should've Been Supreme  (I hate animated gifs but still a good read.  Francis Conroy rocks)

21 Reasons Why Old People Are The Best People On The Internet  (Old people rock.)

41 Guilt Free Super Bowl Snacks  (or Puppy Bowl depending on your preference)

A Facebook Campaign Simulated Alzheimer's, and It Will Stop You in Your Tracks  (PLEASE watch this video!)

Bruce Lee's Best Productivity Tricks  (For the Mr and other BL fans)

Visual Workouts  (A fun way to mix things up)

Global Warming in 15 seconds  (Kind of terrifying)

H2Know: What’s Really Happening When Your Body is Dehydrated?

How Eating More and Moving Less Helped Me Lose Weight And Transform My Life  (It's one way to go)

Long-Lost 'Grease' Hot Rod Found... for Sale!  (I wish!  My grandpa would've poo'd over this one!)

See The Shining twins today  ("Come play with us, Danny")

Scorned Wife Who Donated Kidney to Husband Wants it Back. Whaa?  (Note to the Mr.  I know you wouldn't cheat but if you ever need an organ from me, an extra cheating clause will be added and you'll be expected to fork it back if you put your wiener where it shouldn't be!)

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Non-Stick Pots and Pans  (I know I shouldn't use cooking spray but that "non-stick" surface is a load of crap and has ruined more than it's share of food with each new set.)

Vin Diesel Dancing Really Bad   (I know the internet is in love with this video but this felt like I watched a really bad stripper and needed a shower afterward.  Heebie jeebies)

Check out the Puppy Bowl starting lineup!  (awwww!)

I think the cold is letting up a bit this weekend so I want to get outta here, yo!  I need a change of scenery instead of seeing the house all the time.  But I hear snow could be making a comeback next week so I'll keep the snowshoes handy!

Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. I am okay with more snow if we get at least one more snowshoe / cross country ski outing in before Spring. But the bitter cold has gotten old! Thanks for more great links. I see a few I need to check out right away.

  2. I love, love, love the dollar store! We have one about two minutes from here (next to PetSmart so how perfect is that?) and I get all kinds of stuff from there. Greeting cards (and good ones too!) 2 for $ can't beat that! And ours takes coupons, so you can walk out of there with free stuff sometimes.

    As for the weekend, I have to work tomorrow until noon and I'm dreading the drive because we are due to get 6-8 inches of snow overnight so I'll be right in the thick of it and have to drive 10 miles each way. I won't sleep a wink tonight because I'll be stressing about it. Ever since that dang car accident I'm a wreck in the car. Probably need to do some biofeedback therapy! LOL Once I get home I'll see what I want to do indoors. I managed to do the laundry yesterday on my half-day, so I'm thrilled to have that all taken care of. Beyond paying bills, the weekend is wide open. =o)


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