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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week #2 Report Card

Last week was a good week overall.  I got my water in every day which is still a feat for me.  I notice I'm slacking this week as far as when I'm getting it in.  Sunday night I had a little left to consume but didn't because it was so close to bedtime.  Last night I didn't finish my first bottle until 8pm.  I've got to stop that and just chug it in the morning to get it out of the way.  I don't want to drift into that danger zone.

Last Sunday would've been a perfect Sunday if we hadn't gone into this party store.  It has this row of loose candy.  You know, crap like Snicker bites, pixy sticks, Hershey kisses, etc.  The Mr was avoiding the aisle and I laughed and said "avoiding the candy aisle eh?" and he said he didn't want to tempt us.  So what did I do later?  Went down the candy aisle.  What did we do?  Got shit we didn't need.  *rolling eyes*  I got a fun size Crunch bar, mini Reese Cup, Mini Snicker Bite and a Smartie.  That coupled with the 100 calorie dark chocolate we split from Trader Joe's earlier and we consumed an extra 224 calories we didn't need.  Sigh.

We threw in two new workouts last week and that was good to help break up the monotony of our workout routine.  The Mr was also forced to work an extra 4 hours after he was supposed to be off Friday night and it would've been real tempting to skip our planned yoga because we don't really burn much doing it.  But we went down at 9pm and did it anyway.  I needed to stretch out and I think he probably needed to relax after that idiotic call.

Saturday was decent in some ways and a failure in others.  The Saturday before we went over our designated calorie range by 150 cals.  We thought it wasn't too bad given it was the first weekend back into it.  This time?  We went over by 238 calories.



Well even though we split a meal at a restaurant, that gave me the idea that we could have an extra sweet.  It wasn't until we figured the calories later that we saw it was over before we ate dinner.  Could we have adjusted dinner?  Yes.  Did we?  No.

So yay for splitting and "seriously" for not adjusting.  God, you'd think we were new at this crap.

On the upside, I see physical changes happening and my legs look almost back to what they were before the holidays...crepey and the hollows in the inner thighs are re-appearing.  Also, the arms don't feel quite as tree trunkish as they did last week but the batwings are still clapping a little louder than before we dove head first into doughy gluttony.  I'll take whatever improvements I can get.  I'll feel better once these one jeans I have fit a little better.

Anything to add Mr?

Well I am proud that I improved 100% on the tracking this past week. I also had a lot less in the way of cravings so it made life easier in terms of sticking to what I had pre-planned. I also measured everything ahead of time to ensure that my tracking was accurate. While my calories continue to be a little higher than I want them to ultimately be, I wanted to at least get into a good groove of 1800-2000 calories a day and I have done that for sure. I may give myself a few weeks before I try to go down much further but I think that if I can get to the point of eating 1800 max per day then I should really be able to see some results. From a water standpoint I can honestly say I am firing on all cylinders there again. Trips to the bathroom are proof of such. I guess my only disappointment overall would be Saturday being higher than we wanted it to be... again. So we know what to work on there but I am very happy with the direction we're headed regardless.

There you have it.  Working on getting to an A someday.

How would you grade last week?  What do you need to improve on?

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  1. I like moving up to a B but I see no reason why we cannot get an A next week as long as we're aware of the pitfalls in front of us. We need to have a good plan in place for Saturday going into it because otherwise we are susceptible to temptations and that is not a good scenario.

    1. Problem is, I DID plan for Saturday. So, there's that.

  2. Planning is a problem area for me, but then when I do plan sticking to the plan proves even harder than the planing was in the first place. If I were rich I could just hire someone to smack crap out of my hand before I eat it. They could also yell at me until I work out and watch the kid for me while I do so. Since I'm not and never will be rich I have to keep plugging away until I get it right.

    1. Yeah, I'm the same way. I had everything planned and then I gave in to temptation and it all went to crap. Granted nothing near the kind of crap in December but I was really wanting to stick to plan and not go sideways this week. Grrr.

  3. Keep your chin up! ya'll know where you made the errors and you can fix them next time. I am the same way with water as you-guzzling in the late evening to get 'er done.
    Have you and hubby checked out Trim Healthy Mama? FABULOUS way of looking at food and people (men and women) are losing weight happily.
    Best wishes to you on this new week!


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