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Friday, January 17, 2014

O Christmas Tree and What I'm Reading This Week

Well, the time has come.  The tree comes down today.  I know, I know but everything else was taken down earlier this week and I just couldn't find the motivation to take the tree down.  Plus it's a great way to start off the dark mornings by plugging it in which I just did for the last time. But last night was wonderful.  I pre-planned a cup of hot chocolate for our snack, put on some of our favorite Christmas songs from this year, I cried like an asshat and we spent two hours reminiscing about Christmas past with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground.  A wonderful way to seal the season and the Mr says I can keep up the ceramic tree on the mantle until I'm ready to take it down.  I will miss you Christmas tree...

309 days until I put it up again!  :-)

Don't judge me.

Now let's get on to...

10 things the weight-loss industry won’t tell you

1970's San Antonio house is frozen in time  (I want to live here.  Watch the whole slideshow)

Egg Whites vs. Egg Yolks: Which Is Healthier?

Boost your mood (for free!)

Jennifer Lawrence Wanted to Kiss "Batman" Christian Bale In American Hustle, Not "Fatman"  (Kind of irritated by this given she's always so adamant about people not calling her fat.  I don't think it's any better to call a dude fat.  Practice what ya preach sistah!)

The Truth About Common Nutrition Myths

Prank victims attacked by horrible mechanical devil baby  (Courtesy of the Mr.  Pretty funny)

The Ultimate Warrior to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame after 18-year absence (Yes I was a late 80's/ early 90's pro-wrestling groupie.  They were hot back in the day)

Hipsters Love Beer Video Pokes Fun at Beer Snobs Everywhere  (I cracked up because our town is OVERRUN by hipsters and we have a craft beer place practically next door.)

The Cheapest Way to Step Up Your Bodyweight Workout

Why You Should Never Buy Disposable Water Bottles Again [INFOGRAPHIC]

13 Clever Ways to Save Money with a Slow Cooker

Welp, that's that.

Tomorrow we're going to this big antique warehouse marketplace.  Can't you just hear the Mr's jewels shrivel?  Oops, did I type that?  Not sure what else we have planned.  We've got a dude coming in to give us warranty service for our fridge and oven today.  Gotta get it all in before the extended warranties poop out next month.

What's on tap for your weekend?

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  1. It was a great holiday season and we got a lot of use out of our tree. Time to give it a rest until next season. Oh and for the record I am actually looking forward to the big antique market tomorrow. No shriveling necessary.

    1. Yes it was and yes we did! Sigh. Yay, glad to hear it. We can head straight to the back first to get to the old toy dealers.

  2. Wow, I live in San Antonio and I had no idea that house existed. Very retro cool!

    I wasn't able to view all of the links (somehow, the Ultimate Warrior story URL is linked instead) but I always love reading the stuff you post. Lots of interesting tidbits!

    1. Thanks for the catch! I don't know what the hell happened there...apparently the Ultimate Warrior REALLY wanted to be heard today! LOL It's been fixed.

  3. I had to giggle about the tree because ours is still up! It's only a 4-footer, but it's happily sitting in the corner on a table. The hubs said we should probably take it down this weekend. Rats. This morning I had my mammo and ultrasound and am happy to report the doc did not see anything! What my doc had felt is apparently a "ridge" and nothing to be concerned with. What they DID find though through ultrasound is a giant hematoma from the car accident--which was over a year and a half ago! THAT is how messed up Wilma and Betty got. I was stunned when they showed it to me--at least the size of a golf ball smack dab in the middle of my left breast. No wonder why the mammo hurt so much today--there's a giant bruise in the middle of it! But I'll take that over the alternative. They said it takes a long time for that tissue to heal, but even they were surprised how much damage was done and still there. I work tomorrow morning then I'm off until Wednesday! I'm looking SO forward to that!! Now if I can just get through the snow tomorrow morning, I'll be a happy girl.... =o)

    1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with the tree still up. (It's still up. I thought I'd be taking it down by now but nay.) I'm THRILLED to hear the results of the mammo and my sympathies on the big ass hematoma taking up residence in Wilma. But yes, way better than the alternative. Enjoy the time off. You deserve it!

  4. my brother just introduced me to this thing called geocacheing. It's like modern day treasure hunting. They have a website and everything. It's all over the world. And people hide things in everyday places or places out of the way. I went today with my sister and found two caches. I told my kids about it and they were super excited about trying it. Just have to convince my husband to go foraging in the woods, etc. Will be a good hike if he says yes.

    1. DO IT! He will love it! We used to be into it big time when it first came out and unfortunately have gotten out of it. Dudes always go nuts for it once they have a few under their belts so just drag him along. (Though I don't know if you're in a cold climate or not, it's more fun in the summer and fall when you don't have snow or soggy ground to contend with since you can reach into some interesting places! LOL)

  5. I have the same warm and cozy feeling from the tree lights. A couple of years ago I decorated our fireplace mantle with both white and colored lights and have left them now for a couple of years. When the tree goes down each year (just recently) I still have my lights for that coziness.


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