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Monday, January 20, 2014

Childhood wrong corrected, no contingency and sunsets

This weekend was a good one.  When the alarm went off Saturday at 7am, I was so not ready to get up.  But we had to in order to try to be at the marketplace as early as possible.  We had a few errands to run too so we had to haul our butts outta bed.  We got there about 20 minutes after they opened and I told the Mr we could head to the back first where he usually finds the stuff he likes like old toys.  He's always on the look out for some of the toys his mom sold or gave away to cousins with the promise he'd "get them back."  We all know how that goes.  "Oh, would you like your Luke Skywalker back with his head chewed on and missing a foot?  No?  Sorry!"

Well, he hit the mother lode with the Star Wars carrying case he had as a kid as well as a goodly amount of original figures in great condition.  He talked the guy down by $20 and later he checked with a Star Wars expert he always checks out when we go and he told him he got a really good deal and told him what he'd sell it for and he would've sold it for twice what he paid so that made him feel good.  What'll make me feel good is him selling off his newer action figures that have been binned up for years and never quite upped their value as much.  So he's a happy manus.

I don't know why but these industrial whisks caught my eye.  I thought they would make some pretty awesome sculptures if you had the room for them but at $145 a piece, I'll let someone else get that privilege.

I did come across my old Holly Hobbie easy bake oven and it was in pretty good shape and a great price.  I kind of regret not getting it.  I don't know if I have room to store it or not but I'll have to poke around in case I can find the vendor at a show next month.

We went to this great burger joint in town and split a burger and fries and I asked if we could swing by the Asian market a few doors down.  The 9 year old boy in me came out...

We ended up buying a bag of whole, dried chilis and I chopped them up in my new Cuisinart for some won ton soup and a pinch of that stuff is enough to make the Mr cry.  It was good and will be awesome in stir fry.  I'll need to find a way to make a lower salt General Tso's sauce.

We did some of our grocery shopping (Target and Trader Joe's) so that we could sleep in on Sunday.  I wanted to be lazy and not get to TJ's at 8am and decided to enjoy our usual bigger Sunday breakfast.  We headed to an open house of a place we've seen before.  We were going to offer something contingent this time last year and the realtor scoffed and said they wouldn't even consider it.  Funny, you haven't sold it in a year so whose scoffing now, ya lil effer??  I'm pretty sure this little old Asian couple have lived there since the 60's.  It's got that old grandma smell to it that I love and a HUUUUUGE basement area for the 80's arcade we want to do.  But there are so many renovations to be done and we kind of like our vacations so they'd have to drop it by another $30K for us to even consider an offer now.  When it comes down to it, it's really only the basement we're in love with and not the rest of the house.

As we were picking up the last of some groceries (everyone seems to be out of Brussels sprouts...WTF!?), I couldn't help but snap this beautiful pic of the sunset.

The pic doesn't do it justice because it's a crappy phone pic but the sky looked like it was on fire.  It was gorgeous.  I want to make an effort to watch the sunset more like they do in Hawaii.  Everyone pulls over on the side of the road or if you're in a restaurant with a view, everyone has their camera out and cheers when the sun disappears under the water.  We need to remember we don't need to be surrounded by water to appreciate nature's beauty at the end of the day.

What did you do this weekend?
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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I had to work on Saturday morning and drive home in more snow...grrrr. After that though I was free as a bird. I didn't leave the house until yesterday to go to Sam's Club for garbage bags. I took some much needed naps and gave one of the dogs a much needed bath (the backs of my legs are SO sore from bending over the tub for so long). I'm off today and tomorrow and have my list of simplifying ready to go. I'll be working on the 13 bins that are in the spare room (my goal is at least 12 bags of clothes to give away between the two of us just in the that room (hence the need for 180 garbage bags from Sam's Club!). I also just came in from giving the garbage man his Christmas present. I'm never home when he comes by on Monday mornings, so I made sure to snag him today since I was here. I'm looking forward to a day of donating and pitching what can't be donated! =o)

    1. You go girl! Great job getting all of that stuff taking up space outta the house! Funny all of the clothes you can hang on to. I saw this DIY thingy about how to transform old shirts with cool patterns into reusuable, washable grocery bags. I think I'm gonna give that a shot here soon!

  2. Dude. That is totally me every night and morning--snappin pics of the sunrise and sunset! It's like a free show that everyone takes for granted! I'm blessed that I have to be at work by 7 so I get to see it rise then I'm off by 4 so i get to see the set when i'm on the west side of the city. I stopped in the middle of the road twice this a.m. to snap some crappy pics that didn't do it justice.

  3. I like the idea of trying to enjoy more sunsets. It's easy to forget it happens every day since we aren't on a coast but it does happen and we occasionally get some gorgeous ones.

  4. Not a lot this weekend. I felt crappy Saturday but still went to the little guy's basketball game and then took him to see "Nut Job" in the evening. Not great even for a kids movie, but not awful. Yesterday was a bunch of chores and then the pool in the afternoon. Today is a day off from work so we're just lazying about while hubby works. We dropped my car off at the mechanics last night with the idea that when he was done with it the boy and I would walk up and get it (less than a mile away) so hubby took his car to work this morning while we slept in. Apparently the mechanic isn't open today after all though, I specifically asked because today is a holiday and he assure me he would be working, but no-one is answering the phone. So now we're stuck at the house. GRRRRR!

  5. I slept in until 8:30 on Saturday ... surprised myself. I might have stayed in bed even longer, but the three older boys had a basketball game at 9:00, and I wanted to see them play.

    My #3 (13 years old) is a huge Star Wars fan. I've never sold or given away any of my kid's toys ... yet!


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