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Friday, January 10, 2014

Greed squashes sentimental gesture and what I'm reading this week

Before we get to what I read this week, I have to share this.  When the Mr moved to my area back in 1991, it was because his dad got a job here.  They had a credit union that the employees used and his dad opened an account for the Mr by throwing $5 in it.  His hope is he would use it for a savings account but you know, he was a teen at the time and didn't think much about it.  We did however use this place to get our auto loans for all of our cars as recent as the ones we got rid of last year so basically 20 years of being customers.  Over the years, Dad's initial investment earned crappy interest but that wasn't the point.  It was just a reminder of the thought when we'd get a statement.  When Dad died in 2004, it was even more special to get that statement with the $13 it had built up to because it was like a way of kind of keeping him alive.  The credit union was bought by some other company and they have now issued a monthly inactivity fee of $5 per month.  We didn't know this until we just got a statement yesterday and saw the account had been drained by more than two thirds and is down to $3.00.  Dad's original five bucks isn't even there anymore and we didn't even get notified in time to save it.  No way in hell are we keeping any money in there since it was only there for sentimental reasons anyway, but this is just one of many ways that we're all being nickled and dimed to death by corporate greed.  *stepping off soapbox*

Are You Suffering From Secondhand Stress?  (They forgot the paragraph about extended family acting like insane people)

30 Day Squat Challenge

31 Things to Warm Your Heart  (Cockles warmed)

Does Hot Water with Lemon Really Help You Detox?

Insecure?  You're Not Alone

Makeover Manor (Funny or Die)  (Perfect if you love HGTV like I do)

Teacher's McDonalds Experiment Yields 37 lb Weight Loss

30 Things Turning 30 in 2014  (Ugh...hand me my Geritol)

Why You Want to Eat Chia Seeds  (Already had mine this morning!)

Testing 30 Internet Life Hacks  (Who would want to remove the crumbs from cereal!?  Hello extra flavorful milk!)

Watch Photoshop Transform Your Favorite Celebrities Right Before Your Eyes  (OMG, I thought Gwen Stefani had absolutely no flaws!  I'd prefer to see they have some zits and pores please)

When to Replace Household Items

Google Is About to Let Total Strangers Email You. Here's How to Opt Out

When It Comes to Nutrition, Chain Restaurant Meals Still Leave A Lot to Be Desired

First Date:  Auto and Madison  (Cute overload)

We're going to hit up a salvage shop tomorrow and not real sure what else.  Oh yeah...take down the Christmas stuff.  :-(  I'm in denial.

What's on tap for your weekend?

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  1. It was disheartening to see the credit union do that. Definitely a greedy move and I no longer intend to use them ever again for loans or anything else but it would be nice for them to credit me the fees they took.

    You've got some great links to check out there!

    1. Yes, let's hope they do the right thing. Speak to a manager on that one.

  2. I work for a credit union and I don't understand why they would take money from an account that has an active loan on it. Not exactly how the "member first" ideal of the union is supposed to work, but unfortunately, more credit unions are leaning toward being banks and forgetting why they opened in the first place.
    Weekend plans? Work out and maybe grocery shop. I live in the fast lane here!

    1. Well there's not an active loan on it anymore because we switched lenders due to their horrible service over the life of the last loan. But when you don't even contact people with accounts to tell them there are going to be new fees until after you've already taken them...shady. You're right, it is becoming more bank like. Almost makes you want to line your mattress instead. God knows I'm not earning any interest at the bank anymore!

      You do live in the fast lane! Look out y'all! ;-)

  3. I was on the Board of Directors of a small credit union for many years and we didn't do that. We did have requirements to meet as to inactive accounts, but we didn't charge a monthly fee like that. Plus any policy changes we did make went out in a letter to the members before the policy went into effect. I don't understand why they wouldn't notify you.

    I only read the secondhand stress one - I'm pretty sure I'm a victim and a perpetrator there. I'll have to work on that.

    The rest I'll have to read over the weekend. Hey - and there's my weekend plan too.

    1. Sounds like they just had a shady corporation take them over. Not surprised, there are very little companies that focus on customer service anymore. :-\

      Make sure you read the last one. Nothing cuter than sassy pups on a first date. (Unless you're a cat person then you might be indifferent. LOL)

  4. I had a bank close my savings account without even telling me! It was just gone one day. As for the weekend, I just survived a treacherous drive home in freezing rain and slid all over the place. Two cars slid right into each other about 200 yards from our house and I had to inch my way past them and I can see how it happened because when I when to hit my brakes...nothing. It was awful. So...depending on what tomorrow morning brings weather-wise, I'm either going to my meeting or not. If I'm house bound I'll be working on cleaning the kitchen (still have a few Christmas things to put away) and going through bins upstairs to give away. The hubs will venture out in this weather but I won't. I have plenty of wonderful books to snuggle up with as well before the football games.


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