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Friday, October 25, 2013

Back to the grind and what I'm reading this week

This week has been good to get back to the grind.  I can't believe we've only been back for a feels like it's been three.  Why do vacation vibes seem to drain so quickly?  I'm glad we've gotten back to the exercising; especially strength.  I did miss doing that while we were gone and my muscles always feel like they've atrophied like Bugs Bunny trying to flex.

But enough of that schtuff...let's get to
22 Kick Ass Kettlebell Exercises

Airlines Are Purposely Shrinking Seats to Make You Miserable  (Probably)

Five Fit Celebs Who Live to Eat the 80/20 Rule  (Props!)

Never Shop in October and Other Secrets from a Retail Guru

Online Smart Shopping Tips:  Five Things to Do Before You Check Out  (I do most but in case you don't.)

The Best (and Worst) Foods for Healthy Teeth

Silly Things People Have Said to Me When I Tell Them I'm Not Having Kids  (I couldn't stop laughing at her comebacks.  SOOOO using a few of these!)

The Science Behind Why We Binge  (Because donuts and pizza are delicious?)

Fierce and Fab in 14 Days:  Tony Horton's P90X-Inspired Workout

A Vet in the Dog House  (My big question is who got the dog in the end?  I think I'd punch the vet)

Curtis Stone's Spiced Apple Pie  (Can you tell I miss The Cherry Hut and Grand Traverse Pie Co?)

Injured?  When to Ice and When to Heat  (Handy dandy chart)

7 Ways to Get Unstuck  (It's more than a Cure song)

8 Things You Didn't Know About Body Fat

Explaining Video Stores to Modern Kids  (We STILL do this.  Nixed Netflix when they jacked up their prices a few years ago and went old school.  Because there truly is nothing like browsing a REAL video store.  I'll do it until they're completely extinct.)

This weekend is a little shoppin', a little college ball and trying to remember to buy crappy candy we won't be tempted to eat for the children that won't show up at our house next week.

What's on tap for your weekend?  Do you get lots of trick or treaters?

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  1. It is always a tough week when you get that atrophied feeling and have to work at a high level but just cannot keep up the same. It is amazing how fast you can get out of shape but it does take about a week to get back on track so that's cool.

    1. Absolutely. Nothing worse than feeling jiggly, well, more so than normal, and just out of shape. Just goes to show cardio and strength will always have to be a part of our lives or we're going to feel like crap!

  2. No real plans, but after the week I've had (not bad, just crazy busy) I'm looking forward to some down time. We always take our little ghoul (well, Ninja this year) out so we're not here so who knows how many kids come while we're gone. We put out a bowl of candy and leave a sign to take what they want but leave some for the next kid. I always worry that we'll come back and it will be gone bowl and all but so far that hasn't happened.

    I'm a fan of brick and mortar video stores too and used my local one until it just got pathetic. They were struggling to stay afloat so they had the brilliant idea to sell all the old movies. Pretty much shot themselves in the foot there and now even though they're still open they have such an air of desperation that I usually hit Redbox instead. It also doesn't help that they've hired some high school kids to run the counter than pretty much use the place as their own personal playground/hand out with their friends place.

    1. Down time is a good thing! We've thought of doing the same thing but just don't trust that kids wouldn't dump the whole bag in their bag unless it was like Mary Jane's or those peanut butter taffy candy that are always last in the bag.

      Oh no, you can't sell the old movies! There are like 3/4 of movies released that have never seen a theater and don't belong in a video store long term. People still love the classics...gotta keep 'em! A smart video store would tie promotions to their classics like Throwback Thursdays you get an 80's movie for $.50 rental with any new release or something.

    2. No kidding - I knew it was a bad idea when they started. They used to get like 15-20 copies of new releases and then after the demand died down sell all but 2 copies at a discount. That's actually where most of my video library came from. Now they have nothing but a few copies of new releases and the old movies no-one would buy. Like I said, pathetic - but you're right that nothing beats browsing an actual store.

  3. Kids don't have school on Monday, so Sunday we are heading to Kalahari for a fun overnight trip!

    I would still do the video store thing except we live in a VERY rural community. The closest video store is at least 30 minutes away with no traffic. We both work in our small community, so we only make it to town about once per week unless we have plans. I prefer Netflix because I can just pop it in the mail to return it. The costs might have gone up, but when you figure in the extra gas and time it would take to return a video, its worth it. It just works for our family.

    1. Have fun on your trip!

      Netflix )or streaming services) makes perfect sense for those in rural communities! Our video store is less than 1/2 mile from the house so Tuesday (new release) night, the Mr swings by on the way home if there's some good movies out. The video stores gets them a month before Redbox (and I think some companies with Netflix) due to contract deals so we feel like we're getting a treat when they come out on the date they're supposed to. Kinda sad.

    2. Yes, we have to wait an extra month for a lot of the new releases. It's a bummer. Definitely another plus for the rental stores!

  4. Hmm, that 80/20 article tripped my b.s. meter a bit. I know this will sound like "thin shaming" (which it is a bit) but that super model saying she eats junk food? Uh huh. I'm not buying it. And Jillian Michaels? That woman has some really disordered takes on food (like ruining cake by putting salt on it so you don't take more than one bite).

    LOVED the childfree article. I'm totally stealing the her reply to "you'll never know the joy of raising a child". I'm almost hoping someone baby bingos me with that one so I can shock them by saying "I'll never know what it's like to have a penis either, doesn't mean I want one!".

    1. Oh, I skipped what Jillian had to say because I kind of loathe her. LOL

      That's the line I'm stealing too!!!! I almost poo'd myself when I read that and thought "oh I'm SO using that!" I need to find a proper snarky one for "it's different when it's your own child" because I swear to God if one more person says that I'm going to yak. I've had far too many moms pull me aside and say "now I love my kids to death buuuuuut if I had it to do over again...probably wouldn't have done it." I don't care to make a life changing decision only to find out I hate that. We, and more importantly our kid, would deserve better than that or have us half ass parenting like I sadly see FAR too much of these days! Sad.

  5. Girl, I've been reading just have been a slacker blog reader and haven't commented! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!!! I've got lots of work-type activities...a Jazz and Wine Fest tonight and a Homecoming football game and Community BBQ tomorrow. Oh fun!!

    1. 10 lashes with a wet noodle for you!! (Where the hell did that saying come from!?) Boo on the work stuff...yay on the jazz. Lurve me some good jazz! Eat some BBQ for me! :-)

  6. We rarely get Halloween visitors anymore. I always have candy on hand just in case and we usually spoil the one or two kids who do show up. Then the hubs packs the remains up and brings them to work. This week has basically been the 3rd Circle of Hell for me and I'm in deep need of recovery. I did start a new 30 day regimen for Walk it Off on Monday, so that has felt good, and is my stress reliever. Took the dogs for a walk at the park and around the lake and it was gorgeous. I need to get some Longaberger stuff listed on Ebay soon, so if I have any gumption this weekend, I'll get some pictures done for that. Is it wrong that I'm happy my pro football team has a bye this week so I can have a good 2-hour nap on Sunday?

    1. Sorry to hear the week has been crappy. I hope the weekend treats ya better and you gets lots of moolah for your Longabergers! :)


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