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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Lessons from unlikely places

You never know where lessons will pop up.  From our own experiences to a well written phrase on a tv show, something can be said that will make you think differently.  Those are great moments.  I was catching up on Hung last night and the episode had Ray having trouble accepting that the woman he was being paid to be with used to be a man.  She wanted to go to her high school reunion.  Ray was recognized by his old high school sports prowess and quite proud to relive his glory days.  When the woman's classmates finally realized who it was, Ray watched as they shunned her one by one and ridiculed her and then turned their backs on him.  He was no longer worthy of their praise simply because of who he was with.

He said something as he chose to take his crying date to the dance floor and show all of the classmates he wasn't ashamed to be with her that will probably stick with me the rest of my life.  (I'm paraphrasing but am sure I'm close)

"When you're young all you care about is what everybody thinks of you and then you get older and say f*ck that, what matters is what you think of yourself."  Never have truer words been spoken!  I haven't heard anything profound like that since Six Feet Under.

Have you ever had a quote from a TV show stick with you and help you better your attitude or change the way you look at things?

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  1. Great lesson, indeed! Thank you for sharing it.

    I've heard lots of quotes over the years that have stuck with me...until now. Can't think of one. Perhaps I'm not the "morning person" I thought I was. :)

  2. I have - but it's a little weird so bear with me.

    I was/am a huge fan of the tv show Angel that was cancelled a few years back. At the end of the final episode there stands Angel and the few remaining members of his team facing a giant army of various supernatural baddies, including a dragon. The final line is Angel telling his team "I don't know about all of you, but I'm gonna kill a dragon". (like you, I paraphrased but I'm pretty close).

    I realize it sounds a little dumb, but fighting a dragon means facing insurmountable odds and whether or not one succeeds, the battle is worth fighting.

  3. That is a true, true statement!

    It wasn't on TV but on a DVD of a women's conference that I was watching. The speaker said she stressed a lot over doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time, praying and praying over every detail, moving with caution at all times. Her friend told her something that gave her a great measure of freedom (and it has done the same to me): You aren't good enough to mess God up. Isn't that awesome? lol I don't care HOW bad I botch things up, God doesn't go to biting His nails or wringing His hands or pulling His hair out over it. What a relief that can be!

  4. I liked that phrase a lot! I don't think I have anything as good to share. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing it is so very true. The one movie quote that comes to mind right now and i think about a lot during my weight lose adventure is from Yoda: "do or do not, there is NO try". Lol.

  6. Great quote and great post. After a certain age I stopped caring and as a result, starting treating myself WAY better.

    Congrats on your loss and all your hard work!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this quote! It's soooo true!

  8. Hi,
    I've been thinking about this since last night. The same thing is coming to me, so I'm just going to go with it.
    Miami Vice. Yes, the series, not the movie (dating myself). I remember they often had some heavy themes, and not so happy endings. I remember the boss, always so quiet-spoken yet so in control and measured. The use of music was very powerful to me; I will never forget a really heavy episode, and the ending with Sonny back on his houseboat, and Simply Red's Holding Back the Years played. It had me by the throat.
    So I thought about your blog and question to us and concluded that I am really moved by the MUSIC that some shows will choose, the song that is just so spot-on that you sit there with tears streaming... I really do like when a tv show just blows you away. Good topic!

    So sorry about the horrific cold, BTW! Ugh!! I've done a little catch-up and didn't know you'd been suffering through another. I hope it's almost gone and you can enjoy tasting stuff again!

  9. Sorry I’m playing catch up :)I have had that a lot but can't seem to think of one off the bat.

    There is a story I have heard twice this semester that has royally touched me. It is about a person trying to save all these starfish by throwing them back into the ocean, if they don’t they will all die. A person says you can’t possibly save them all. The person replies but I saved that one. Basically you might not be able to make a difference or save all of their lives but if you can save one or make a difference in one of their lives, that is often enough. I have often felt like my heart is too big and that I would be crushed if I couldn’t save them all but now I know as long as I keep trying and make a difference in one of their lives that is all that matters. I’ll be changing the world one broken heart at a time :)

    Also I enjoyed your other post about people pushing their food stuff on others. That is how you know they are new. They haven’t figured out that what works for others doesn’t work for everyone else. I always appreciate when people give their opinion for what works for them but they have to know its not the be all end all in weight loss.

  10. There's this part in Road House where someone is trying to get under Patrick Swayze's skin with insults and Swayze's response is perfect.

    "Opinions vary"

    When someone is really miffing me off, I hear his voice in my head reminding me of that.

    Of course it's accompanied with a mental picture of his bare behind from another scene in the movie, but that is absolutely NOT what brings that smile to my face. Seriously.... I mean it! :-)


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