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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ugh-- Weigh In

The 190 lost gravatar is still in tact but not without weighing a pound more than I weighed last weekend.  Between Aunt Flo and a rather liberal high cal day last weekend, we know what needs to be done.  High cal days are getting a makeover.  It's time.

I'm not jazzed (and honestly I didn't deserve a gain but the Mr. gained a pound too so it was pretty obvious) but you do what you've gotta do.

Now, off to take some ibuprofen to get rid of this headache trying to brew before a road trip.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and congrats to those who get to enjoy a long one due to the holiday!

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  1. I pretty much had to get rid of high cal days. I still have one day where I eat "the forbidden" but I have to keep it in range. It sucks, but at least you know why you gained. Doing everything right and still gaining always makes it worse. Have a great weekend and enjoy your road trip!

  2. There's no way they'll ever be cut out for us, just not haywire like last weekend. I even burned 400 calories more than I usually burn so I'm sure it's a decent mix of over the top cupcakes from an out of town bakery and Aunt Flo just bein' a bitch! LOL

  3. No long weekend for me. I have gotten a cold from my co-worker and plan to hibernate this weekend in the hopes of knocking it back by Monday.

    Glad the 190 is in tact. Hope the headache is a distant memory by the time you start the road trip. Looking forward to pictures!

  4. I only wish it were a 3 day weekend for me. Banks and the post office seem to be the only ones closed anymore.

    I hope your headache is better by now. Enjoy your trip.

  5. You've lost 190+ pounds .. that is awesome! Bravo!!


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