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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to my honey

I met my honey when we were just kids.  I was a senior in high school and he was a freshman in college.  Through various circumstances, we found ourselves at the same job not once but twice and we even worked beside each other at one for a few years so carpooling was convenient and I always had a lunch buddy.  I knew within 6 months of meeting him I wanted to marry him.  We'd already been tested by many things from family issues to bad intentions by people we thought were in our corner and came out on top.  (I truly feel like "Still the One" by Shania Twain was written for us.  The pop version, not the twangy one)

My hubby is a LOT like his father and that's a very good thing.  His dad was a good man and so is he.  He is kind, considerate, a hard worker (the man has a work ethic that make most people look like utter slackers), he doesn't complain when I want to shop- in fact he likes it, he got fat with me and is getting healthy with me (how many hubby's do you know that support much less participate in a weight loss journey?  Sadly, not as many as there should be), he's easy on the eyes and has the most amazing green eyes you've ever seen.  So many people tell us we're lucky and they don't know anyone with a better marriage than ours.  I'd have to agree.  We balance each other well and while we still have much to learn, I'd say now that we've been together more of our lives than not, that we have to mechanics of this well oiled machine of a marriage down pretty good.  There are always challenges but how would you grow closer if not conquering those things and supporting each other?

I felt lucky to go to my senior prom with him.  How many women can say that?  I've watched him grow from an unsure boy into a wonderful man.  I've seen him at his best, his worst, his most insecure and confident, I've seen him make decisions that shouldn't have had to be made and decisions that brought him praise, I've seen every side of him emotionally, physically and literally and I love them all.

I am so thankful his parents were feeling randy on that January night when they made the most perfect man for me and didn't even know it.  Happy Birthday my love.  You are everything right in this world.

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  1. What a beautiful post!! I have a feeling that you're both going to enjoy the day!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your honey! I hope this is a most special day as you celebrate your very special man. I'll pop over to SP to send my birthday wishes to him. Enjoy the day!!

  3. Awesome, you two simply are. Happy Birthday to the Mr.!

  4. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful post. You are the most amazing woman and I am blessed to have such a dynamic, creative and beautiful person to spend my life with. Thanks for everything. All the presents are great but you're the best present of all!

  5. Awww, awesome love story!!! This is the best birthday tribute - just love it!
    My husband and I don't go that far back, BUT I did work with him and even shared an office, back when engineers got offices. I joke that I really can't complain about the mess on top of his dresser; I KNEW what the top of his desk looked like!
    Have a wonderful day together - I know you will make it really special!! hugs.

  6. Awwww! Very sweet! Happy birthday to your fabulous Mr. My Mr. is fabulous too and his b-day is coming soon. You gave me a great idea to tell him just how awesome he is. Have a great time celebrating.

  7. I don't know anyone who has a better marriage than yours, and that includes my own of 32 years! You two have something special - if any two people were ever made for each other, it is the two of you!

    Happy birthday to the Mr!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!

  9. What a wonderful, sweet, open love letter to your Mr! I think you two are the very best, both for each other and because of each other - which makes you pretty fabulous. I'm off to SP to wish your Mr a Happy B-Day!

  10. Awwwwww you guys are perfect for each other :) Happy Birthday Mr!


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