Monday, November 13, 2023

Cracka-Shellackin' Weekend Recap

And just like that, the weekend is over.  Hello and here's a Monday just for you.  Don't say I never got you anything.  

The Mr had Friday off so we went to the historic district for a 3 miler on uneven sidewalks to throw the hips, calves and knees outta whack.

About halfway through, he got dizzy from what he thinks was low blood sugar since he didn't eat right before we left.  So he put on his hangry pants after that and any feel good endorphins went out the window for both of us.  When we got home, I let him start on his lunch while I peeled off my bra and got back into my PJs at 1:30pm.  To brighten my day, a care package arrived from my bestie...

... with a lovely card that made me sob about her holding my hand through the holidays and my Mom and Grandma's favorite candies, cinnamon tea, along with my mom's discontinued body spray that was in one of her purses.  I bought one on eBay for that horrible day her pillow won't smell like her anymore and I must've mentioned it to her and she made a mental note as she does.  It will be nice to have one that I can actually use on occasion if I want to smell like her.  I wish she'd had a true signature fragrance like Grandma's White Diamonds.  She loved Beekman's ylang ylang and tuberose but they discontinued it right after she passed.  😔  I have some lotions and a spritzer of it that's almost gone.  So it was nice to get such a lovely, thoughtful gift especially when she is going through a tough time of her own and into the foreseeable future.  I've seen this meme lately that says something like "when someone checks in on you and is there for you when they are going through their own hell, that is love" and I always think of her when I see it.  She's always been so thoughtful and selfless and I don't know what I'd do without her.  

As I was poking around Mom's Pinterest boards, I stumbled upon this:

The note to go with it?  "Anele - I love you!!"  I sobbed so hard.  I never knew she was on Pinterest until after she passed.  She never mentioned it and had tons of boards for her crafts and dishes to make for her gatherings with her friends.  It was pinned a long time ago but it was nice to know at some point, she was thinking of me and wanted that for me even if I'd never see it as far as she knew.  It made me happy and sad and so many emotions in between.  We rounded out the night with a new Project Fear episode and a new Rachel Maksy video before conking out for an hour.  Then it was insomnia city for me until 4:15ish.

Saturday, I just didn't have it in me to get up and at 'em so we stayed in bed until 1pm.  I kind of love mornings like that because you truly feel like an adult getting away with something.  So we had breakfast in bed and watched the documentary about the kidnapped lady from the series A Friend of the Family mini series we finished the night before.  I like Jake Lacy and the trailer was good...too bad Anna Paquin's piss poor acting took away from it.  She looked like she was constantly fighting a burrito fart in church.  


The Mr was kind enough to do a slew of pickups and one of them was for a furring strip so we could jerry rig a yoga mat holder.

I opened the doors to the pantry I was hoping would be stank free after 5 nights of airing out and 3 boxes of baking soda and was greeted by a smell equally as strong if not stankier than we started with. 


I grabbed some polyurethane I had on hand to attempt to seal in the smell.  I was only going to do one because if it didn't work, I wasn't going to waste my time on the other.  I knew I may need to use primer too but I let that dry with a fan on it for a few hours then shut the door so I could see how it smelled in the morning.  Why can't something just go right with no extra crap for once??  Then it was time for dinner and we'd agreed we were going to use Mom's gift card to one of her restaurants she didn't get to use.  I silently ate her favorite dishes, so sad she wasn't here to be using the cards herself like whomever got them for her intended.  I cried on and off all night just like every night until it was time to go up and come 3am when it was apparent I wasn't going to sleep, I started on this.

Sunday it was time to check the pantry to see what plan of action I was going to have to take.  When the Mr was down getting the clothes I asked him to smell the pantry and he said now it smelled like fish oil.  (???)  I sent him to the Depot to get Zinsser white shellac since some research said that was really my only option.  I grabbed a foam roller from the garage and got to rolling.  It may be 'white' in general terms but my eye said more 'baby formula light beige' but ask me if I cared at that point.  I got in there and coated everything including the horribly cheap backboard which could be where the problem is anyway.  I about gagged out as shellac is vaporous as hell and I have no clue how Mom worked with it so much back in the 70's.   I got two coats on everything and now apparently have to wait at least until tomorrow for it to cure before I can use it...that is if it works.  Ask me if I was going to cook dinner after that.  

No.  The answer is no.  


Then I was just done and that about did me in for the night.

How was your weekend?

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  1. As always I feel like the weekend flew by too fast. I am so glad you saw that Pinterest page and I think it's great that she left that little note even if she may have thought you'd never see it, which makes it that much more special.

  2. I'm so glad you liked the box! And the items didn't look like they got tossed around and drop kicked before getting there. =o)
    Oh my goodness that Pinterest post of your mom's is awesome! What a gift to find that now, and to reaffirm how very proud she was of you. I would have bawled my eyes out too. I'm so glad you saw that and can print it off to keep and look at often.
    I sure hope the pantry smells much better -- or ideally no smell at all, and you can utilize it with the things you want to store in there. That's terrible the chemical smell didn't dissipate after all those days being in open air. I hope that has changed greatly after all your hard work!

  3. I'm so happy that you found that message from your mom! Straight to the heartstrings that went! I bought a glade plug that's supposed to smell like pumpkin, but I don't know about that now, it just stinks to me. I hope you can get your unpleasant smell under control! I went to Barnes and noble and bought two books with a gift card, and the weekend was gone in a flash!


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