Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Quick Solution for Ceiling Fixtures with Drywall Issues

I know you guys know about our current crap fest with the latest drywallers but did you know we still had issues hanging out from our previous drywaller fiasco?  The one from last July with the second floor ceiling, you ask?  No.  I'm talking the week the pandemic started and we had all of the contractors in and out of here and had our first floor ceiling smoothed along with our kitchen reno.  

March 2020.  Ahh, the good ol' days.  (insert panic attack)

What we were left with was a poop show around the light fixtures that due to lockdown, we couldn't get fixed.

See it?

How about now?

And if you think THAT'S bad, wait until the fixture comes off.

(They even took the fixture off to do that bad of a job!)



At the time we looked at it, we thought "oh, we'll close down for a week or two then get them to come out and fix it."  By the time I had resorted to making our own masks out of T-shirts, it became "we can spackle that ourselves and try to fix it sometime." which then morphed into "ain't nobody ever coming to this house again, just don't look up."

As we began putting our house back in some semblance of order at the end of April, the monstrosity we'd been ignoring for 3 years was no longer acceptable.  We used a product to hide a gap when I got our new chandelier a few months earlier and thought it could save the day here as well.

I got the most basic of designs and liked the way it looked with the chandelier.

All you have to do is turn off the breaker, detach the light fixture, put the medallion in place and rewire it.  Attach it just enough so the fixture holds then center the medallion before tightening the screws.


I tried to paint one with ceiling paint and it wasn't having it even though it said it was paintable.  So I will be getting some of the white chalk paint I have in the basement once I can find my dang chalk paint brush so it matches the ceiling better.  On it's own there is a bluish cast to it that is noticeable in natural light so that's a summer project or whenever.  

Maybe 3 years from now.  

But ceiling medallions come in all different sizes and materials.  These particular ones are cheap and lightweight but there are so many styles and colors you can get.  If you don't want to paint and just want black, you can get these.   If your style is a little fancier, you can get something like this.  Or if you're like "that ain't fancy, THIS is fancy" then you do you, boo!

There are all kinds of options from colors, styles, sizes and they can make an annoying problem like gaps or sloppy drywall something you sweep under the proverbial rugs and leave it for the next owner to find.

Have you used ceiling medallions in your home?

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  1. These worked out quite well for us and I'm glad they look so good. They definitely make the area more interesting looking and save us from some serious headaches.


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