Friday, May 5, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #18

A tip o the hat to you this fine Friday morning!  

(holy sh*t I forgot how hot he was in that movie that I saw no less than 6x in theaters!)

I hope the week has treated you well and if it hasn't, I pray you have some nincompoopery ready for your weekend to balance things out!  It is the first week we purposely chose to take a break from all things reno.  We still have projects ahead of us like replacing the bathroom flooring, replacing the balusters which sounds quick but involves scraping, staining and painting.  We need the mental break to get any type of motivation for those.  So no heinous house updates this week- maybe next week too if we can keep antsy pants (me) at bay!

Now let's get updated on:

15 Vegetables High in Protein and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Diet  (Make sure you chew them well too because otherwise there's gonna be a LOT of farting going on!)

15 Easy Vegetable Side Dishes That Go With Everything  (Now that my mouth is watering!  Pretty much same as above though.  Have some beano handy or something!)

9 easy ways to make your life a little better (I am horrible at #1.  I have blackout blinds/curtains and it's really hard to want to raise 'em up early in the morn.)

These Common Phrases Are Actually Fat-Shaming  (Or when they flat out say "wow, you got fat!"  (Gotta love those filterless depression babies)  That phrase was uttered to my then 35-40 year old male cousin who always ate like they were banning food and never gained an ounce.  It finally caught up with him by like 20 lbs if that when my great aunt said that.  His response to her after she let go of him in her embrace?  F**k you! and walked away.  That was over 20 years ago and I clearly never forgot it!) 

I Started Taking Walks With My Husband Every Evening, and It’s Allowed Us To Connect in Surprising Ways  (We do this too at the park.  We particularly enjoy going in adverse weather as people are wusses and we have it to ourselves.  I agree with all of the points made as to why these can be so important!)

This Simple New Blood Test Can Detect Alzheimer’s Risk with 96% Accuracy  (Um, I know this sounds stupid given my grandma passed of it but I don't know that I want a definitive answer.  I already freak out if I forget why I walked into a room but a positive result may send me into a spiral which I would never recover from.  I know, irresponsible.)

Life After Menopause: 5 Surprising Silver Linings  (I hope so.  I'm getting nervous as it approaches!)

Low Ceilings Became an Advantage for This Cozy Living Room  (OMG, I just want to roll around on the floor in this place!  Swoooon!  I know probably too neutral for most but call me Switzerland!)

It's anniversary weekend and we don't have anything concrete planned that I know of.  I think our brains have been too mushy to even plan anything proper so we're just going to have to enjoy each others company and see where the wind/car/hang glider takes us!

What's up for your weekend, my fine foxes?

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  1. Happy Anniversary weekend! Hope you guys get to do something fun! I just have typical weekend stuff to do. We grocery shopped today and now it's on to laundry and a little bit of house stuff. Then we will be using the smart patch stuff for the bare spots in the lawn from winter and tree removals that still need to be filled in. It worked great last year, so we're hoping for more of the same this year with the daily watering.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Yard work today and Hawaiin pizza out tonight


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