Friday, May 19, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #20

Happy Friday, my lovelies!  I hope you had a great week and are ready for the weekend.  We have been adjusting back to reality as we were in Maine for two weeks.  It was a desperately needed vacation away from this soul suck of a place home.  I have no doubt we'll be planning our next escape soon because vacation zen is always so short lived upon return.

Now it's time to return to:

The 12 Best Foods That Help You Sleep  (I'm down with that.  Anyone ever try tart cherry juice?  Seems like it would wake you up rather than help you sleep?)

Why Working Out is Essential for Healthy Bones During Menopause (Good info and time to dust off those bands or dumbbells.)

The patients who regret laser eye surgery: ‘My life’s stood still since then’  (This and other stories are why I won't get it done as my eyesight gets more blurry.  I can't wear contacts but I don't know a single person that's had it that hasn't ended up with halos, night driving restrictions and/or dry eye.)

As pandemic emergencies end, some patients with long COVID feel 'swept under the rug'  (It's a little disgusting how quickly it goes from "we're in this together" to "not my problem.  Live with it.")

My Taste Is Basic. So What?  (Three words to shut a smug, judgmental a-hole down when they try to make themselves seem superior.)

6 effective tips to politely say no and not feel guilty  (For you people pleasers out there, NO is a complete sentence!)

15 Best Amazon Outdoor Decor Items That Actually Look Pretty  (That moment you remember you had to throw away your deck cushions last year.  Sigh.  I'll find some tree stumps and foam.)

10 Items You Should Never Pass Up at a Flea Market  (Good luck getting that travertine coffee table home!)

Are Natural Deodorants Better for You, Really?  (I really wish they could make one that actually lasts that I don't have to reapply come the afternoon.  I feel like I've tried them all so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!)

Not sure if we have anything on tap this weekend other than trying to detox off of penuche fudge and lobster rolls.  I know we need to sit down and get a strategy together to get some weight off, build up to the strength routine we were on our way toward before we had every contractor known to man traipsing through our home and meal prep needs to happen.  I cannot face more of the food rut we were in this entire year so we need to get something in place otherwise I just say screw it and end up eating a bowl of Cheerios for lunch while the Mr shakes his head at me and gives me side eye for calling it in.  

What's on your agenda this weekend?  Any fun trips planned?

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  1. Transition back to reality sucks but we can at least get back on track now. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. I have tried tart cherry juice and didn't notice much difference with sleep, but it's quite delicious.
    Usual weekend stuff, plus getting some gifts for some graduates. Grocery shopping when I get off work today, and I must wash the bedding. I put that off another week and shouldn't have, so I need to get that done pronto. Church on Sunday.
    Hope you have a good weekend and can get out for a bit and recharge when needed. And hope it's not 90 degrees like forecasted!


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