Friday, May 26, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #21

It's a Friday attached to a long weekend!  Whoop whoop!  I hope you guys had a good week and are ready for the unofficial kickoff to summer.  (For anyone who knows me, that means I will begin my official countdown to Fall which doesn't mean much considering Fall isn't like it used to be so I guess more like my countdown to Thanksgiving when we have a chance of it dropping under 80 degrees but still being attacked by bugs as we try to walk.)  

Now let's attack:

7 Healthy Foods for Your Liver That Help It Do Its Job (It's super important to keep your personal filter doing its thang!)

Strategies to Improve Intimate Relationships (Very interesting results to these studies)

6 Tips for Getting Deep Work Done  (I know someone who needs to read this.)

Is Talc In Makeup Dangerous For Your Health? Here's What Experts Say  (All I know is a family member who was an AVID user of talc down below ended up with ovarian cancer.  I try to use products that use cornstarch instead.  Make sure you look at your pills too.)

I'm a professional declutterer. Here are 5 tips for reducing the amount of stuff you own.  (Clearly I'M not but this lady is and she gives some good tips to get us started!)

How to Clean a Faucet Head and Why You Really Need To  (No use in showering with water coming outta gunky holes.  Eww, that sounded gross.)

Clever Ways To Repurpose Unwanted Pillowcases  (The ceiling fan trick has always been my favorite)

70% vs. 91% Isopropyl Alcohol: Which Disinfects Better?  (Wow, the answer is not what I expected or the reason behind it!)

Miss a few posts here this week?  Catch up below!

I'm sure there's a grill somewhere in our future like many of you.  I don't know that we have any plans other than that but might get out of the house for a little bit and see what we can get into.  You know what I miss?  Carnivals.  I miss being able to drive around from this point on in the spring/summer and just stumble upon a carnival in a parking lot where you scream "CARNIVAL!  Pull over!!!" and suddenly you have 20-90 minutes of fun depending on what they have going on.  Sigh...those were the days!  (And if any of you are lucky enough to still have them because you live in a magical land, pull over and enjoy one for me!)

Any plans for this weekend?  Are you gonna get yer grill on?  (Or at least get it cleaned up?)

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  1. I do miss random carnivals and I wonder why those have mostly disappeared. Insurance? Who knows. Anyway, have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

  2. Happy Friday! Neither of us get a long weekend, but it'll still be nice to enjoy a bit of nice weather before the 90s come next week. I don't know if we'll grill or not, but I do plan on making bruschetta to have on hand because that is usually my kickoff to summer.
    I hope you guys have a super weekend and can get out and about and enjoy a nice weekend! Stay safe!!


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